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  1. I got a complete my album offer for £11 so I'm not sure if that was anymore expensive?

    I'm sure like you say many people will think balls to it

    The original pre-order should cost £7 as you already paid for GMAYL. Plus the £11.99 one doesn't have the acoustic version of Love Spent. There's no way I'm paying more and getting less! :rant:

  2. Anyone noticed that the copyright details on Amazon and iTunes for GGW and GMAYL have now changed to "Boy Toy Inc, under exclusive licence to Live Nation, under exclusive licence to Interscope"? Seems like Madonna now ones her own music rights.

  3. You still can't pre-order the CD single anywhere and if it's out on the 14th, HMV etc. would be sending them out from next Wednesday onwards.

    Maybe the press release was written before they decided not to bother with a physical release and someone forgot to remove the line about the CD.


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