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  1. Middle aged Brits are the WORST. I was saying this last night, would it really kill people to stay up late for ONE night? I was in Barcelona when she came on at 22:15 and no one cared. I can't wait to move back to Spain and leave England again. It's the most boring place imaginable.

    Eh? A few pages back you said everyone leaving the arena was saying they would've been happy to stay later. Now they are all boring and wanted to be home early? Make your mind up.

  2. There's a difference between not having a medley and not having the medley, no WTG, no song after WTG, no La Vie en Rose, no Unapologetic Bitch and no Holiday. The other shows still got a proper ending and goodbye. Not just an abrupt, "ok thank you bye" and she had to go.

    She did say "I love you all, goodnight" as she was leaving, which is more than she's said at some previous tours that haven't ended early.

  3. At the moment there are 6 new stories about this and the are all so dramatic and exagerared.

    Madonna turns on fans after starting Manchester show an hour late

    Madonna calls Manchester fans 'diva b!$@s' after booing her for being late

    Madonna launches into furious rant after she's booed for taking to the stage ...

    The last one is from the mirror and is the most hilarious one.


    Everyone cheered and laughed when she made the diva bitches comment, she clearly wasn't being serious. There were a couple of queens on the end of a row shouting "lies!" and "we're not coming again!" when she was talking but people around them told them to shut the fuck up. :laugh:

  4. I'm just back and it lashed rain for most of the show but she played the full set and as mentioned was in great form! I was GC and loved every second of! I had a few casual fans with me who were M virgins from a concert perspective and they loved it and we're amazed by the production.

    Great crowd tonight, really into the show. Would love to see it again with out the soaking but that didn't dampen our enjoyment one bit. She's still amazing!

    Glad you loved it! I went to Edinburgh with 2 friends who live there, neither are fans as such and they'd never been to a Madonna concert before, but they really enjoyed the whole show too and I was a bit worried they wouldn't. Weird, as they are the sort of people who are supposed to be hating this show for not being "The Immaculate Collection - Live" :ohmy::laugh:

  5. His exact words...

    "It's been on for 50 minutes and I'm bored shitless. I have an awful seat in a massive stadium and people can't make out a word she's saying in this section and are leaving in droves." Worst concert experience of my life without a doubt."

    I'm so happy he had such a miserable time! :rotfl:

    Has he just copied and pasted that from Daily Mail articles?

  6. The corners of the stadium and some rows nearer the back were cordened off with tape. She wasn't full. But she was damn well near it. Plus the Scottish crowd were well up for it and it was a great night! That's all that matters.

    The corners and the centre blocks of the lower tier were cordoned off because of the mixing desk in the centre of the pitch and the speakers/light rigs either side of it. People wouldn't have seen anything if they'd been able to sit there. From the GC the stands looked pretty full and they were the only taped off sections that I could see.

  7. She can't fire him yet, he'll be wanting to do another of his photo books for "their" world tour like he did for the last two. (To be released approximately 12 months after most people stopped giving a shit about it.) :|

    Plus, he's still "compiling the remixes" for GGW on iTunes - so he's dead busy. Sadly, most of us compiled them on iTunes for free weeks ago. :D

  8. The UK release of GGW pic disc and CD single have been pushed back to May 14th supposedly because of manufacturing issue! What kind of issue means something is pushed back 6 weeks for probably works out at 10,000 units!

    That's just What Records usual guessing games. The CD single is out tomorrow in some countries with the picture disc out next week. All European copies are made in Germany, so there is no manufacturing problem or they'd all be delayed until May. The real reason is that Universal UK haven't got a clue what they are doing. :(

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