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  1. it would be impossible to please everyone so i expect it will get totally slagged off anyway lol. i hope it includes 'secret' and 'this used to be my playground' but i doubt it will. there are just way too many great hits which is just a double edged sword. i'll definately buy it and i think it will be a success..but i might end up burning my own bespoke collection to accompany it

  2. to make a compilation of so many hits would be a headache for any record company let alone one as incompetant as warners..i think that they will probably release a cd of her biggest 20 or so hits and then make a bit of extra cash from 'more hits' cds with lesser hits on..like the 'more abba gold' cd. i'm more interested in it having really nice packaging cos i'll already have all the songs! oh and a comprehensive dvd of the videos and best tour videos would be nice (wishful thinking i know!) maybe they'll put out a definitive collection of the singles in an overpriced box set

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