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  1. i don't think anyone will be truly happy with the tracklisting. there's just too many singles. i want 'this used to be my playground' 'secret' 'rain' and 'get together' but i don't think i'll get them

  2. if she was so busy trying to look young and pretty i doubt she'd be seen out in one of the millions of tracksuits she gets papped in. madonna stated herself that she's not a feminist. but as a successful artist and business woman she is an inspiration. she balances family life and being a hard working artist very well. i like that she rarely bothers to comment on such catty remarks because she's above that and she's way too busy getting on with life, rather than procrastinating about someone else's. taking a shot at madonna in a statement about michael is a rather self indulgent and pointless act.

  3. there will never be a new madonna (male or female) because no one else could ever have the same upbringing and experiences that make her so unique. the bereavement and depression of her mother dying, the strict catholic childhood, the competetive drive from having so many siblings, growing up watching old hollywood films and musicals, being an authentic part of late 70s early 80s down town new york, being raped, struggling as a young dancer/artist, having an inate sexual and spiritual presence and of most importantly having a good ear for a solid pop song makes her not only talented but a truly fascinating person.

  4. i hope that we get a rerelease of a classic single too. when 'the immaculate collection' came out i loved the 'crazy for you' and 'holiday' reissues (the record sleeves alone were amazing!) i'd like to see a release of the 'sticky and sweet' version of 'like a prayer' i think i'm more interested in the promotional campaign than the actual album. whatever happens, madonna has the biggest wealth of quality hit singles to make an amazing greatest hits collection

  5. 'get together' is the perfect song to get ready to go out to. total madonna classic! if the new single is anywhere near as good i'll be very happy. as for being no.1 in the u.s. who cares! i would like an x factor appearance though (madonna week) and a total media onslaught too..although i'm not getting my hopes up on that one

  6. i love this album..'intervention' 'mother and father' 'die another day' and 'easy ride' especially. the promo gigs were awsome and she never got credit for the clothes trends she was ahead of at the time (gold shrugs were huge later that year) however the videos and singles choices were a total mess. she should have gone ahead with the original video for 'american life' and then made quality videos for 'nothing fails' 'hollywood' and 'intervention' and i for one loved the re-invention' tour

  7. i think madonna's continued success must seriously piss them both off..despite the very occasional mis-step she's been commercially and critically consistant for a much longer time than they have.

    did anyone (in the u.k.) see the chaanel 5 show about michael last night? the man has no control over his finances, spending habits, lawsuits etc i think he lacks focus in most things really. madonna has a mind like a bear-trap, which i think is essential in her survival as an artist, businesswoman and generally sane human being. also the programme just proved that michael has an extensive collection of very cheap, tacky and egocentric artwork. the paintings of himself portrayed as a knight and a king (queen?) where just sad (and frankly worthless)

  8. i'm hoping 'secret' 'don't tell me' 'what it feels like for a girl' and 'drowned world/substitute for love' are included. although m has some killer bubble gum pop moments, alot of casual fans forget that she has had some quite sophisticated pop songs too. in the age of illegal downloading i think it only fair that the cd comes complete with some amazing new artwork. it has to rival the immaculate collection for me to be impressed. that said, i'd be happy for it be based around the 'sticky and sweet' tourbook photos, which i'm in love with..and a free dvd of tour vids including 'paradise' too hehehe

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