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  1. i'd like an honest, frank autobiography with tons of unseen photos. i want to know about her experiences making each album and how she feels about them now. musically i'd love an album written with joe henry and produced with crystal castles. i know x factor is tacky but i'd love her to be a guest on a madonna night. it does wonders for a stars profile, i feel the younger generations don't know enough about the music and iconography. to some 12 yr olds she's just a 52 yr old mum of four who's had a lot of records out

  2. most of the producers she has worked with say great things about her talent as a writer and producer. you have to give her credit in the studio because mirwais, price, orbit, pettibone etc never really amount to much outside of their work with madonna. her style evolves and she has a really versatile back catalogue. how many other artists can boast such diverse albums? the difference between 'like a prayer' and 'i'm breathless' alone within 12 months is impressive

  3. no one ever seems to mention dangerous game/snake eyes on here. is it universally hated? even though it's heavy going i quite like it. i think it has some of madonna's best acting and she's really sexy in parts and totally fucked up in others! i'd love to know which parts are real

  4. madonna - borderline

    like a virgin - angel

    true blue - open your heart

    who's that girl - the look of love

    you can dance - spotlight

    like a prayer - like a prayer

    i'm breathless - what can you lose?

    immaculate collection - justify my love

    erotica - waiting

    bedtime stories - sanctuary

    something to remember - i want you

    evita - waltz for eva and che

    ray of light - frozen

    music - paradise (not for me)

    the next best thing - american pie

    ghv2 - what it feels like for a girl

    american life - intervention

    remixed and revisited - american life headcleanr mix

    confessions on a dance floor - isaac

    hard candy - incredible

    celebration - lucky star

    b-side - up down suite

    soundtrack song - beautiful stranger

    internet surfaced demo - the game

    mix - wiflfag above and beyond

  5. i can hardly remember the show now! it seems so long ago! i saw it at the m.e.n in manchester, england. i can't wait to see 'mother and father' 'crazy for you' and 'papa don't preach' it seems like this tour always gets slagged off but i enjoyed it. the opening of 'beast within' and 'vogue' was stunning!! :dramatic:

  6. are simon's acts and mariah on the same label? they play her songs on the show alot, they had her as a guest and they choose her tracks to be sung at various stages of the contest. maybe i'm being cynical...i just thought they might use her and other artist on the same label to make extra money

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