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  1. 1. paradise (not for me)

    2. secret

    3. into the groove

    4. die another day

    5. get together

    6. papa don't preach

    7. waiting

    8. justify my love

    9. frozen

    10. give it to me (sticky and sweet live)

    favourite mixes:

    1. what it feels like for a girl (above and beyond mix)

    2. nothing really matters (kruder and dorffmeister mix)

    3. open your heart (extended 12" mix)

    4. erotica (jeep beats mix)

    5. justify my love ( hip hop mix)

    6. American life (headcleanr mix)

    7. deeper and deeper (shep's classic 12")

    8. ray of light (liquid mix)

    9. rescue me (titanic vocal)

    10. Hollywood (Jacques lu cont's thin white duck mix)

  2. yes! I wanted to say she should have used footage of the different hairstyle cos it looked great! this is one of MANY M classics that get ignored by UK radio. I only ever hear Like a Prayer, Vogue, Hung Up and Borderline. Out of 70 top 10 hits they just replay the same ones.

  3. we have heat (magazine) radio on at work and they play Madonna at least 3 times a day..usually borderline, into the groove and express yourself, they love Michael Jackson too and even though i'm not a huge fan, I Iove that they play 'remember the time' alot

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