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Found 1 result

  1. Madonna on Edge: Go Inside Her Real-life RAT NIGHTMARE! By Rachel Pilcher | omg – 3 hours ago In the nearly twenty minute interactive chat video from May 2, Madonna let her fans into her home by answering their most pressing questions..but fans were also invited into Madonna's private hell: her rat infested home! Fans can view the rat at 9:54 run across her bathroom floor. "Madonna has not been sleeping at all; her world is falling apart because of the [infestation]." a source from inside Madonna's home says. "There are hundreds of rats running in and out of her million dollar row home." One of the "hundreds" of rats in Madonna's home! "Mercy and David, her two adopted children, both want to move back to Malawi, since they did not sign up for this in their home. Lourdes moved out for good once she went away to college, and her son Rocco is never home--he stays with friends seven days a week because his friends all joke about his superstar mom's "Fievel den." Our source says that Rocco's friends have bullied Madonna by calling her home the "Fievel den." She is devastated. Another member of the house effected by the rat nightmare? Her precious pooch Olga! "[Olga's] days are numbered! Each member of the household must contribute something to Madonna's household--it's just how she is--and Olga has not been helping at all with the rat infestation. [Madonna] is looking to replace Olga with a cat! She has even reached out to pal Taylor Swift with questions, since she knows Taylor has so many." Madonna's dog Olga is about to be the hottest girl on the STREET after Madonna replaces her for a cat. So how did Madonna's rat problem reach a boiling point? "Madonna has been very sad and manic recently. She spends hours in her bathroom just crying while eating pizza and drinking rosé. It is the lowest point in her life. The rats moved in since Madonna would leave the pizza out while she dozed off her sadness." "Many people think the songs on Rebel Heart like Joan of Arc and Heartbreak City are about her past lovers--but they are about the rats that have taken over her home and her life!," our expert source adds. Reps for Madonna have not responded to inquiries about her infestation, but it looks as if it should be another exciting week at the Cicconne household. We hear that this week Madonna's home will undergo an extermination. Good luck Madge!
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