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Found 1 result

  1. http://www.stereogum.com/1953660/qa-ariel-pink-on-trump-madonna-his-new-album-dedicated-to-bobby-jameson/franchises/interview/ STEREOGUM: Was that a direct response to the press you got leading up to pom pom? It seemed like every interview you did was more controversial than the last. ARIEL PINK: Yeah. I got the Donald Trump treatment before Donald Trump. I could’ve warned him. The very first interview I did, an Australian interview at the top of the campaign, set the mood. That guy just had daggers in his sights, and I hadn’t even settled into the groove of doing the campaign for the record, and it was very alarming, very obnoxious and very destabilizing, especially at my age. I’m not Hitler. I’m not a Nazi. I’m a harmless lover of things. And I love Madonna too! Way to ruin my chances with that lady. She’s so great! She’s had greater success and a greater string of memorable hits that I like personally than almost any of my favorite artists, and yet here I am, people saying that I’m throwing her under the bus. I was paraphrasing what the label said to me. People think that I was saying those things. Interscope came to me saying her last record didn’t do too well, she had her Avicii, she had all these things she wanted but there weren’t any songs there, so that’s why they were looking for writers. I was paraphrasing why they would hire somebody like me for somebody like her. So those aren’t things that I feel about her — the stripper pole shit or whatever — those aren’t my feelings. I want to work with Madonna! They were just looking at songwriters, so the next record could do better than her last one. That’s all it was. And people take it as my opinions that are valid; that’s not even my opinion! STEREOGUM: Well it didn’t end with Madonna; there were lots of choice moments that people latched onto. You were sort of branded as a troll. ARIEL PINK: Yeah, because I was responding to people completely misrepresenting me, and that was like a witch hunt. I felt persecuted. I don’t know how you would feel, if people said that you were a mansplaining men’s rights activist. What if they said that about you? And all the feminists in the world basically came out and started getting on your case. So they would go after you, and you would basically try to downplay it as much as possible but they’re just not letting you because they’re saying you’re just fucking wrong, dude. It’s a perversion of whatever it is that they projected onto me. STEREOGUM: So you’re saying that your statements were taken out of context and twisted? ARIEL PINK: Yeah. Like when I say Grimes is stupid for saying that Ariel’s characterization of Madonna is a perfect example of the misogyny that’s in the business today. Making me, again, an adversary, when I have nothing but great respect for both Grimes and Madonna. The headline was “Grimes Is Stupid” because I “hate women.” It backs up my hatred of women and of Madonna. So you see how it’s just willful blindness on the part of everyone.