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Found 6 results

  1. Normally used as the video interlude that gives way to the show's final segment; in MDNA it was Nobody Knows Me with gay teen suicides being the main topic. Beat Goes On/Get Stupid on S&S tackled political corruption and the Sorry remix on Confessions was about world poverty. What song do you think will get this treatment on RHT, and what issues will it tackle?? Would love to hear your thoughts
  2. Interviewed by Edge Media Network, Madonna talked also about the possible video for Bitch, I’m Madonna. Check it out: MADONNA: I don’t know. I don’t want to make every video the same. But I did love the richness of that video (Living For Love). To me it felt like a painting that came to life. That’s what I was trying to do. But I wouldn’t want to do that for every video. Like when I do “Bitch, I’m Madonna,” it’s going to be a whole different aesthetic. ROUNDTABLE: Well, I’m glad that one’s getting a video! [GROUP LAUGHS] MADONNA: If Diplo has his way, there will be one. Source: drownedmadonna.com
  3. Alright, we're almost finished with picking our favourite Madonna music videos - out of more than 60 to choose from, we have narrowed it down to 3 videos!!! Now, which of them deserves the title to not only be MNation's favourite video of the respective decade, but to be the favourite video of all time? Express Yourself, Vogue or Don't Tell Me - you have the choice! Poll closes Friday! Vote, vote and vote! We don't do such polls every month
  4. So, previously we have chosen our favourite videos from each of Madonna's studio albums! We still have a bunch of other videos left which were part of compilations, soundtracks etc - and those are featured in this poll! Afterwards, we're getting to the 2 final polls where all previous winners have to compete against each other - so in the end, the definite favourite of MNation will be determined! Have fun voting! This poll will run till Saturday By the way: I've put the videos from STR in an extra category because out of all the compilations / soundtracks, it's the only to have multiple videos like her studio albums.
  5. So, previously we have already chosen MNation's favourite music videos from the first half of her album discography. Now, it's time to choose your fav video from Ray Of Light, Music and American Life! Oh, and obviously the American Life video you can vote for here is the original one, not the heavily censored flag version Poll closes Tuesday. Have fun! I want to see as many people voting as possible
  6. We have had lots of polls about our favorite songs and albums, but I actually haven't seen a poll about our favorite music videos of M yet - while they make up an essential part of her greatness as well! So, I thought a poll where you guys can choose your favourite music videos would be a fun and interesting thing to do You can first choose your favourite music video of each of her first three albums from the 80's. I'm gonna create similar polls for her 90's and 00's albums as well as for the rest of her releases. In the end, I'll compile the videos with the most votes of each album / release and make a final poll where you can vote for your all-time favourite By the way, you don't necessarily have to choose the video which you think is the most iconic or has the best cinematic quality to it, just choose the one you personally enjoy watching the most! So, here we go! Poll closes on Thursday!
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