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Found 2 results

  1. Mirwais has reserved to News of Madonna his first interview since the release of Madame X. He has accepted to share with us the behind the scenes of an album that reached number 1 in 60 countries on the day of release. Mirwais has chosen to speak with us of his collaboration with Madonna, the workings, the production of the album, the indignity and the riot Lire la version française We had this crazy idea to propose an interview to Mirwais. He agreed to answer all our questions and began his interview with these words : We have the immense honour of sharing with you, and exclusively for NOM, our entire meeting with the genius of electronic music, Mr Mirwais Ahmadzaï. But before that, a little reminder for those who only know Mirwais by Madonna: before being the one that will allow Madonna to have 4 N ° 1 albums in the US, Mirwais, musician, singer and producer was the guitarist and composer in the parisian band Taxi Girl he was also a member of Juliette and the independents. MIRWAIS: HIS EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW FOR NEWS OF MADONNA You have known Madonna for a number of years, can you tell us how you met? You said that to be able to work together, you needed to be compatible Her music has evolved since the last time your worked together. Is that the same for Madonna herself would you say? The album “Madame X” was announced as being politically oriented and it is! Certainly even more so than American Life: it mentions the problems of the system and denounces those that exploit it. She talks of democracy, she calls on people to wake up Madonna said “all that Mirwais & I do together always ends up becoming politically oriented”. Is that the reason for you getting together again? Could you tell us about how the album was created? There’s a real cohesion between the different songs on Madame X. Did Madonna ask you for your opinion on the songs that you didn’t produce? Has streaming brought changes in the music industry? You pushed your experimentation into a 'global futuristic album' (while still keeping the typical Madonna style of melodious, clean-cut pop music) Was that the start of wanting to revolutionize pop music? What was the biggest challenge on this album? Does Madonna always control her music like that? Some people say you make intensive use of vocoding/autotune and even go as far to say that M cannot sing without this. What do you say to them? Out of all the albums that you have produced for M, which song do you prefer? Can we hope to see you at her side during the Madame X Tour like you were for the American Life promotion concerts? Can you share something with our readers something about your work with Madonna that we don’t know about? You plan to return in the autumn. The fans are waiting for you. Do you have a date you can give us? We enjoyed “Production”. It has a melancholy dimension. Will that be present in your next album? Are you still aiming for experimental music? Will Madonna be present on this album like she was on « Production »? Is there a message you’d like to give us? https://www.news-of-madonna.com/MADAME-X-MADONNA-AND-I-MIRWAIS-HIS-EXCLUSIVE-INTERVIEW_a1136.html
  2. I always remembered hearing stories how some fans were kinda taken back and a bit disappointed when they first heard Music, since it was a big departure (lyrically) from her previous album ROL. But I find it quite cool that Madonna returned to her dance roots. I've been listening to this song a lot lately and I can't get enough of it. One of the best things that came from Madonna's musical career was the discovery of Mirwais. He's a wizard on this track along. It's timeless. Music has not aged one bit. If it were released today it still would still soud fresh and reinvigorating as it did 13 years ago. And that's what makes me love this song even more. The beat is so stimulating, intoxicating, and refreshing; unlike anything she's ever done before. Music remains (for me) to be one of her greatest #1 hits. It's Madonna at her best.
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