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  1. Madonna makes Billboard chart history, as she earns her 44th No. 1 on Dance Club Songs, where "Living for Love" lifts 2-1.
  2. Calling all Rebel Hearts! If you are ‪#‎LivingForLove‬, flash Madonna's Snaptag and start following her on Snapchat now! Let's see what tomorrow unfolds!
  3. So, I was on scrolling down on twitter and found the most amazing and hilarious accound EVER. This tweets have made my day @MadonnaFanFic
  4. Arioso has leaked !!! Sorry if some disagree, but it's not Rebel Heart Album ! https://www.sendspace.com/file/5kvl0z
  5. I remember reading in a old interview that Madonna's favorite song of hers is Live To Tell, but I'm not sure if that's still true today. Maybe she changed her mind. She once called Cherish 'retarded', that she came up with it on a whim, and no longer likes it. Can't say I blame her b/c I think that song is kinda crappy and cheesy myself. MADGE FANS --- Aside from those two examples, has she ever said what other songs of hers she likes and what songs she dislikes? Can someone list them and what she has said about each song? Also, has she said which is her fav and least fav album of hers?
  6. For the 30 years of Much music (MTV Canada), they release few memorable moments including this amazing interview with Madonna in 1998. Broadcast on Much, MTV and Musique plus (Quebec) Fun to watch a show with live FAX Questions and live calls and only 3 emails the entire show! Madonna talking about Lola, her work with William Orbit, her love for candies, yoga and more!! Madonna Live in Much (1998) (Canada) Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTLohy3o1TQ Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy_wqI1cNjQ Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fvbq1LFfJw0 Part 4: https://www
  7. I feel like it's time again! Since we don't know what the fuck is going on with the new album, seems like a good idea for a new ranking! And feel free to include I'm Breathless if you want! No ones stopping you! Heck, you can include the compilations for all I care!!! Now get to work! Erotica Music Bedtime Stories Confessions Hard Candy Ray of Light Like a Virgin American Life Madonna Like a Prayer MDNA True Blue
  8. (Copied and pasted from Pressston's post in the previous thread) This post contains all the official info we have about the new album. When you don't have the time to browse thousands pages of rumors, discussions & tidbits, here you will find in a blink of an eye all the info coming straight form the Queen herself. No rumors here, only 100% official !This first post will be updated everytime she drops new info ! The rest of the thread is discussion of course. - Avicii produces some tracks - She writes and record track(s) with singer Natalia Kills - Martin Kierszenbaum produce
  9. People talk about Madonna being the queen of reinvention, and while I applaud her, I don't know anyone who's reinvented themselves more than me. -Paula Abdul OUTRAGEOUS. SHE IS AN OUTRAGEOUS PERSON. WHAT IS SHE ON?
  10. I'm studying television production and media theory criticism in school, and in one of my classes today we had a guest speaker from (Adobe) Photoshop give a presentation. He was a really cool guy who had graduated from my school X years ago, but when he went to show the class examples of celebrity Photoshop, he used this "infamous" concoction (oddly enough, I had a strong feeling this was going to show up): Of course the moment it was shown, the class started to snicker and make some ignorant ageist remarks. I raised my hand and rebutted that I had a huge problem with the example, only beca
  11. "American Cool" is an exhibit going on in Washington DC featuring portraits of a hundred actors, actresses, artists, musicians and writers in the United States whose creativity and style have shaped the concept of cool. THE AMERICAN COOL 100 LIST: The Roots of Cool Fred Astaire Bix Beiderbecke Louise Brooks James Cagney Frederick Douglass Greta Garbo Ernest Hemingway Zora Neale Hurston Jack Johnson Duke Kahanamoku Buster Keaton HL Mencken Georgia O’Keeffe Dorothy Parker Bessie Smith Willie “The Lion” Smith Mae West Walt Whitman Bert Williams The Birth of Cool Lauren Bac
  12. There was a documentary in 1994-1995 called A BODY OF WORK which aired on MTV. Does anybody know where can I find it? I can't find it on Youtube.
  13. What a fucking year it has been. Without any new album or music, Madonna managed to keep the year eventful for us fans, and ended up turning her downtime into a new era for enjoyment. Let's take a look back at some of the highlights: February 9th: Madonna joins Instagram! "Cheers Motherfuckers!" -was the first post she made when Madonna re-launched her Instragram page. She showed us her boobs, her bathroom, her nose, her vacum, her video editors blisters, scenes of Haiti and Malawi, her art collection..., Oh, and remember when she played Ms. Cleo? March 16th: Madonna presents GLAAD awar
  14. Just came across this today, William Orbit held a workshop last night at LEAF where he played new remixes of Falling Free and Gang Bang. He also played his 1990 remix of Justify My Love while on guitar. You can check out the full stream of the workshop here: http://www.be-at.tv/brands/leaf-hub/molecules-of-sound-william-orbit/william-orbit I also recorded the audio of the 2 remixes off my computer. It's not perfect as I was recording it from a live steam, so it's a bit glitchy. But I put them up on my soundcloud if you want to check it out and download. If anyone has a better, clearer, HQ ri
  15. 80s - Like a Prayer. She had such iconic songs but for me this takes the cake. Pop and mature. 90s - Ray of Light. This was used for Windows XP right? Nuff said. 2000s - Music, her last US #1 is the best choice 2010s - so far Girl Gone Wild.
  16. Who else gets a BURST of energy and happiness when Madonna comes on the radio at your place of work? I swear I'm like a zombie and all of a sudden True Blue will come on and i'm as happy and energetic as can be.. They usually play True Blue and Express Yourself, and very rarely do they play Dress you up, but when they do I feel like jumping off the walls.
  17. WHY??!?!?!?! It make me laugh because it's so awful and looks NOTHING like her. Sometimes I like to think that if you cover up the face leaving only the eyes it looks like MJ :x They even airbrushed out her tits! Who does this? I know people label the Out magazine cover as her worst ever, but this has to come in at #2 right? I'd rank it at #1. The original image is sooooooo gorgeous btw: I love that 70's inspiried teen fashion mag shoot. First time she sport a somewhat 70's Farrah Fawcett hairdo.
  18. If only they had explored it more. :/ And then there was this thing (www.tick-tock.tv) What was suppose to happen? Was something going to premiere on April 4th at 4:44 pm? It didn't make any sense..., and nothing ever changed on the site...
  19. Well? What one song do you connect with the most?
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