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Found 10 results

  1. @Jazzy Jan Snake slithers out of spice shelves at Sydney supermarket A grocery run turned into a snake rescue for an Australian woman when she was greeted by a python poking out from a supermarket shelf. Helaina Alati, 25, was at a Sydney store on Monday when the 3m non-venomous snake slithered out. The Woolworths supermarket lies on the edge of a large expanse of bushland on the city's north- west outskirts. But encountering a snake in the spice aisle is not what Ms Alati expected. Fortunately for both parties, Ms Alati is a wildlife rescuer and familiar with snakes. "I just turned my head and he was about 20cm from my face, just looking straight at me," she told the BBC. She did a double-take but remained calm. No one else was around. Recognising it instantly as a diamond python, Ms Alati knew it wasn't venomous as it protruded and flicked its tongue. "He was looking straight at me the whole time, almost like he was saying: 'Can you take me outside please?'" she said. After filming the snake, Ms Alati alerted staff and said she could help them get it out. She retrieved a snake bag from her home, returned to the store, "tapped him on the tail and he just slithered in". She then released it away from houses in bushland - a natural habitat for the species around Sydney. 'Like a scene from Harry Potter' A trained snake handler, Ms Alati has conducted at least 20 snake rescues before. She says her friends have previously joked about her being "the snake girl", referencing a zoo scene in a Harry Potter film where the boy wizard finds that he can talk to snakes. Ms Alati says she can't speak Parseltongue like Harry, but "that scene's been mentioned to me a few times". "They kind of just gravitate to me, like maybe they just sense that I'm the kind of person into caring and protecting animals," she said. "To be honest, it's the most exciting thing that's happened in a little while given lockdown. The staff were all taking photos of it." Australia's largest city has been in a lockdown since June to fight a Delta outbreak. Grocery shopping is one of the few reasons people are allowed to leave their homes. Ms Alati said she suspected the snake had been in the shop overnight, probably initially in the ceiling where diamond pythons like to nestle. It had probably lurked on the shelf all morning as "dozens of people... passed it and grabbed spices", she added.
  2. at the cat pic they selected to attach to the article http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/cats-australia-kill-1-million-birds-day-article-1.3543955 Cats in Australia kill over 1 million birds a day BY CONSTANCE GIBBS NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Thursday, October 5, 2017, 6:17 PM Cats in Australia have swallowed many, many canaries. Over a million birds are eaten a day by hungry cats — both feral and pets. A study in the journal Biological Conservationsays that cats are on a killing spree, wiping out over 300 million birds in Australia annually. This certainly sounds like a lot, until realizing that there are about 11 billion native birds in the country, making cat kills only about 4% of the population. And in the United States, cats kill over 2.4 billion birds per year. So Australia’s getting off easy. But scientists are still worried. Cats are killing about 71 threatened species of bird in the country. Here in the states, cats have contributed to the extinction of 33 species of bird. Australia has committed more than $23 million toward reducing cats’ impact on bird populations, including beginning construction on “cat free zones” to allow native birds on the threat of extinction some peace of mind. Australia’s animals are known for overtaking the people. Rabbits are a well-documented menace, kangaroos outnumber the population 2:1 and magpie swooping season happens every September, where people must protect their property — and their necks — from low-flying magpies.
  3. This is 16-year-old Australian teenager Sam Kanizay. On Saturday, he decided to cool off after football with a quick dip in the ocean at Dendy Street Beach in Brighton (a suburb in Melbourne). After about half an hour in the water Sam's legs felt numb and tingly but he assumed it was from playing sport. But when he emerged from the sea he noticed his legs were covered in blood.
  4. Since the "Madonna Hates Australia" thread got closed because it was SO POPULAR snd reached 1000 pages and since i'd like this thread to go BEYOND the MDNA era, lets have our own place to burn our Madonna merch, eat weet-bix and cuddle wallabies in the general section. 1800 - HELP LOLA is STILL taking donations. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.
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