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Found 4 results

  1. Let me start by saying that this topic is NOT meant to bash Madonna. But listening to the album and especially songs such as BIM, Holy Water, Inside Out and S.E.X. (my all-time fave guilty pleasure!!!) I can't help but wonder how Madonna would have felt about this album and these songs if she could have had a glimpse of the future let's say during 1990-2004. Back then she was so proud of what she was doing, getting more serious as an artist and it paid off with huge sales for her ROL and Music albums. My guess is that American Life's flop ruined everything. She wanted to get back on top as soon as possible. I can't help but wonder how it would've turned out if AL had actually done good. One thing i know for sure, RIT wouldn't have been the Greatest Hits tour it was. Now she needed to remind the world of her back catalogue and then decided to return to pop with the disco oriented Confessions album. Thank God, because I love COADF. Hard Candy is where it really went wrong. From the extremely tacky cover to the average songs and weaker voice... Did she felt inspired by Britney? On songs such as Incredible, Dance 2night and Heartbeat she really sounds like Brit now and then. And then that crappy tour... S&S was the first time I felt Madonna made a complete fool of herself on stage. That whole 'a girlfriend that wanna fuck your boyfriend' crap... Madonna... hello... you're 50, not 15, but you damn sure sounded like a 15 year old when you asked the crowed that silly question. I could go on and on, but I'll try to keep it short. After Confessions the woman who wasn't that much into collaborations and duets all of a sudden seemed addicted to them. The trend setter became a trend follower. Everything to appeal to a younger crowd who wants nothing to do with her, and in doing so, she's ignoring and alienating people that did grow up with her. This is her failure. Had these collabs at least paid off I wouldn't have mind that much, but they don't! Maybe Justin did okay, but the others... Let's be honest folks, what is BIM doing for her career? NOTHING!!! It's not a hit by any means. I can't help but wonder why she keeps doing these kind of things. Yes, she should do whatever she wants. But do you guys really believe she is enjoying herself? The younger generation is only making jokes about her and will continue to do so. Why isn't she sticking to what she gained, a very loyal fanbase? Imagine how pathetic it would be if all of a sudden Bruce Springsteen would collaborate with Justin Bieber, releasing something like 'fuck you, I'm the Boss' or George Michael ft. Adam Lambert 'suck me, I'm gay'. Yes it would be hilarious, but they would be making fools of themselves. And I as a Madonna fan for almost 10 years hate to see her make a fool of herself. Yes, she achieved a lot, more than most of us ever will, but that does not mean she isn't making a fool of herself. We may enjoy these song but I think deep down inside most of us feel that she is making a fool of herself and hate it. She's our idol and we want her to shine, at least I do. But sorry... Hard Candy, Sticky and Sweet? MDNA? Rebel Heart? No matter how many times her last tours will (and continue to) be the best selling of all-time, she isn't really shining anymore. And no matter how many people claim Ray of Light is a boring album, GOD was she shining back then. She was on top and everyone wanted to follow her, but now... And this has nothing to do with me wanting a ROL pt. 2, since I don't want her to repeat herself. But that is exactly what she's doing for the last couple of years, repeating herself with desperate attempts to appeal to the younger generation. Again, this is not meant to bash Madonna, just sharing how I feel. I still really like most of the RH album, but let's keep it and say it as it is.
  2. Love this song. It would've fit American Life so well, perhaps the closer or the second to the last track. I like the Celebration version too.
  3. Those four songs are evetything on the Remixed and Revisited EP. I listen to them more than the other three tracks especially that atrocious Into The Hollywood Groove. I'm glad she performed the remix of American Life and I think she should perform the remix of Love Profusion as well. Why does she not do a full remix album as well? It will surely please the fans. She can use the studio recordings of her tour versions. That will be fantastic.
  4. I love American Life. It's an album that is incredibly especial for me, i can identify with loads of songs, and i think that most people can too. It's a process that we all pass sooner or later, when we discover/decide that some parts of our life are wrong and we have to change, and if we stay "xtatic" we can't. The Love Profusion we feel, when we discover that love is the answer so many times, because when you are loved and you love, things fit into place and we feel better with ourselves. It's the same message with Intervention or Nothing Fails. With Nothing Fails, Madonna explained the "secret" that she had explained years ago, that happiness lies in our own hands, and that we can't be controlled by what surrounds us. Because we can't change reality, we can change how we feel towards reality. Xtatic Process is my favourite song because it has so many things captured in just 3 minutes, how we can get lost in toxic love (for a mother, father, partner) and we change ourselves to make that person happy, we adjust and in fact we have to be ourselves and be loved by what we really are. "And in the process i forgot that i was special too". Mother and Father has such powerful lines. "Turned my heart in to a cage" always goes like a dart in my brain. So many times it happens with so many people. And when that happens, we don't let anybody in, even though we think we allow love to flow, we are building barriers all the time. For me, this is one of finest moments in Madonna's career. The end of a process that started with ROL, and continued with Music and ended with American Life. No wonder the next album was different, and from then on she is different, at least in my opinion.
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