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  1. Madame X is the album of hers that continues to grow on me and I already loved it from the start. Top 5 Madonna album, for me. Other 4 in no particular order are: erotica, confessions, like a prayer, ray of light.
  2. 1. Medellin 2. God Control 3. Crave 4. Crazy 5. I Don't Search I Find
  3. I'm done trying to deny my obsession with Medellin. Love the vocals, vocal effects, production, vibe, video, lyrics, everything! This song is just relentless and is now in my Madonna top 15 all-time.
  4. Maybe she's already secretly recorded another album. I mean she did work on music for 18 months. ; )
  5. How is there not more comments on this masterpiece?! Fucking LOVE!!!
  6. Are there any publications besides pitchfork that we are waiting for reviews from?
  7. Medellin Come alive Crave Looking for mercy God control
  8. It may show her at number 2 but, if I'm not mistaken, that isn't adding in sales from the other album version. With both totaled there is a good chance she is still number 1.
  9. She is a musical genius! A complete masterpiece!
  10. I'm all for people's opinions but, christ, the constant whining from many "supposed fans" is getting so old. In my opinion the music Madonna is releasing is fucking incredible. For once, the critics are giving great reviews too, yet we still have to listen to negative nancies. Appreciate how lucky we are that Madonna is still motivated and relevant. The Queen's reign will never be over!
  11. Maybe they are aware of another big artist releasing new music tonight and didn't want their release to overshadow Medellin's release.
  12. Love! Love! Love! She sounds amazing and the production is beyond fire!!
  13. https://www.drownedmadonna.com/2019/02/19/details-on-madonnas-new-single-and-album/ Single late April. Album in June!
  14. Per Drowned Madonna.com, the album is not titled Magic!
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