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  1. mhm....and it's really only a problem for people who have a problem with age itself. People are just projecting their own fears and hangups.
  2. I want I want I want!....whine whine whine! Since when does Madonna care what you want? She's gonna do what she wants to do, and if that means being sexy, then so be it. Get over it, or move on.
  3. Most ridiculous topic ever. Btw, was Hung up a single anywhere?
  4. By a select group of loons, who seem to think she was Susan. The rest of us know better.
  5. She looked fresh and beautiful. Anyone who says otherwise is living in their own pit of misery.
  6. I love watching it every once in a while, but it's completely fucking overrated.
  7. Those were decent films, none of them are classics or critical favs...and all are forgettable, except Total Recall...which is love.
  8. Like what else? Sliver? Catwoman? Seriously tho, I really can't think of any truly noteworthy film she's done, besides the two mentioned above.
  9. None of that makes Sharon a better actress. Madonna's biggest problem in film has always been the overwhelming strength of her public persona, or their own projections onto her. People can't get past it, and our lazy, unthinking culture blames it on her lack of talent. I'm not saying she's the greatest actress ever, but she's been sorely underrated in a few gems.
  10. Madonna should totally attend the anniversary screening. The Walter Reade theater is like 3 blocks from her apt, so no excuses.
  11. The Magic club scenes were filmed in my old neighborhood in Washington Heights, and I actually remember them shooting it! The location is actually the old Audubon ballroom, where Malcom X was assasinated, on 165th st. The facade of the building is still there, but it's now owned and operated by Colombia Presbyterian Hospital.
  12. Casino is the ONLY film besides Basic Instinct where Sharon shined. Absolutely everything she's done has been shit, although that shitty remake of Diabolique was a guilty pleasure. If you match them up, film for film, Madonna actually has been in way better films than Sharon. Martin Scorcese would have turned her out in either film. He would have brought out her italian essence, and they would have made magic. These days, the closest we'll ever get to what could have been, is the new D&G campaign.
  13. I got my pass! Can't wait to meet Madonna and Lola!
  14. Goodfellas is one of the most amazing films ever made, and one of my favs. Scorcese is a genius, and I have no doubt he could have gotten a great performance out of her. If he wanted her, it clearly means he saw something in her he could work with.
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