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  1. I think Madonna's speech at the VMA's was a moment in pop culture.
  2. Madonna doesn't need to understand the culture cause as a part of pop culture herself she played a part in creating the culture we see today... I would prefer Madonna just did Madonna and didn't try to fit in with the culture of today. Madonna already has her Madonnaness, she doesn't need to imitate herself from 20 years ago. She has her career, her name, her legacy and Lady GaGa has just begun. I do like Lady GaGas fashion but it does come across as TRYING too hard to be unique or artistic. And she seems to be doing alot all at once, so we will see where shes at in 5 years... or so. Her music isn't anything different to whats out these days. Everyones doing the 80s 'freaky fashion' theme these days. From Kanye to Rihanna to GaGa... We won't see another 80s.
  3. No, you are right. Once its been done, all you get is rehash.
  4. i know, its a pile of shit. The only iconic moment from the vmas this decade is madonna kissing britney, ooo and probably britneys flop performance.
  5. Looks really cool. I love these kind of books on pop culture with loads of photos. How much is 40 euros in pounds.
  6. Bad Girl is the song that made me sit up and take notice of Erotica... the video, the song... its just perfection.
  7. One of the very best Madonna records. Either my first or second favourite.
  8. I saw the GMTV thing too but my sound was off as I was laying in bed They seem to be positive lately, they showed the full 4 minutes video too when it first came out. I didn't know they started premiering videos? Or maybe they showed it in full just because its Madonna.
  9. How much has Discipline sold in the UK all together?
  10. Janet is at number 63, the same as 20 y.o.
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