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  1. Was so surprised and thrilled to hear IDSIF played at the main gay club in Helsinki on the weekend! I so rarely hear her played in clubs in London (where I live) anymore, sadly.
  2. In the end I went there with my partner (neither of us had tickets) to see if there might be any returns, as we live just 30 mins from Ally Pally. We asked the people at the reception who were in charge of the venue for the evening if there would be any chance to be seated if seats were left empty. They refused and said it wouldn't be possible as latecomers would be allowed in throughout the event. It's incredibly annoying to see so many empty seats in the end, having been there and been turned away. At least I've got tickets for three shows on the tour AND the album is coming out in 30 mins (
  3. Do you guys think there might be any chance of returns at the door if someone who got tickets doesn’t show up? Having difficulty accepting that I won’t be there...
  4. I entered but haven’t received a link. Gutted. Anyone have any spare tickets...?
  5. I thought the song was about the end of a relationship. For me, it's easily the best track of the second half of the album. So beautiful and hauntingly stunning. I hadn't heard the demo before and thought on first listen that the final version was just perfect - the only track on the album to give me shivers (except of course the original Rebel Heart which made me cry on first listen).
  6. Just got home. Waited for hours only to be told that noone who wasn't either a production guest or a priority guest was getting in; why issue tickets? I'm frozen but let's hope at least that the performances are going to silence this era's critics and give the album a much needed push. I would have loved to be there and me and my boyfriend even took the day off work but that's just how these things go sometimes I suppose...
  7. It says on the tickets that not everyone will get in as they issue more tickets than there is capacity for...
  8. I recently got into a facebook conversation about the album and decided to try to articulate my fondness for the album as best I could: I often feel that American Life is the last time in her career that the music genuinely evidences an artist's passion for the work she is making. At times it results in clumsy lyrics (like rhyming 'circle' with 'circle') or in statements that may appear naive to more cynical, less privileged listeners, but viewing that as a consequence of what I feel is a real urgency and honesty to the message she is delivering, coupled with a real willingness to experiment
  9. As a potential album title yes, but I really like the title "Revolt" that someone here suggested before.
  10. Promise To Try X-Static Process These I think are the only two Madonna songs that have made me cry.
  11. I Don't Give A in Hyde Park has to be up there ("I don't even feel the pressure" couldn't sound less convincing in that moment ) :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYwTEN8LZqo
  12. "Gwyneth Paltrow on having better abs than Madonna" http://www.independent.ie/videos/entertainment/gwyneth-paltrow-on-having-better-abs-than-madonna-29203890.html
  13. I loved it and still do. Just rediscovered it recently. "Who dat be!?" and "I can do that!" are have certainly had longevity in my life...
  14. Completely off-topic but For ten years I've thought she sings "dress and go". Just checked the lyrics online, and feel like a flop fan....
  15. You have to be among the first 10 or so at the front of each line though because once the quota from each queue is reached then the ipad lottery closes for that queue. Or at least that was the procedure at Hyde Park. Each person who wins gets to take one additional person with them so the quota can be reached annoyingly surpisingly quickly.
  16. Excuse me, but Beautiful Killer is one of the best songs on MDMA - in fact I'd much rather hear it on its own than mashed up with DAD (although I love that one as well). Mash-ups rarely improve on either of the original songs.
  17. Golden circle baby, last minute deal on ebay for less than face value. So excited!
  18. Easily the best song on the album. Thought so on first listen of the album. This should've beenthe lead single - it would have been perfect promotion for the album and a massive hit at leat in Europe if not in the US. My favourite moment on the whole album is the key change at the very end with em dee em ay, em-dee-em-ay. Second favourite moment is the beginning of the second verse, 'Now that your name pumps like the blood in my veins....'
  19. Anyone interested in trading a Hyde Park golden circle ticket with a very good top price Birmingham ticket (D Block, A row) and paying the difference in face value, PM me please.
  20. Absolutely agree - should've been on the regular edition and should've been the second if not the lead single! What a missed opportunity...
  21. Maybe the idea is to save the "traditional" promo (TV appearances, radio interviews, magazines) to the time she's on tour? It would be completely unlike her, but maybe she will go on TV in every country she performs in on her days off? If the show is needed to bring MDNA "to life", maybe it will be broadcast live already during the tour, or segments will be made available online in lieu of traditional videos? I have no clue, but really do hope that there is some "masterplan" in place...
  22. I have to say that I picked up on the similarity on my first listen to the "demo". It's pretty striking.
  23. I'm pretty sure Cher only has number ones in the 60's, 70's and 90's but not the 80's.
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