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  1. Wow...even Roger Friedman and the catholic league prefer Vadge!
  2. I've never found that part of ILNY as offensive as it's made out, but the chorus is just BAD Other cities always make me mad Other places always make me sad No other city ever made me glad except New York I love New York (X3) Talk about an uninspired 'mad-sad-glad' rhyme scheme
  3. When I saw this topic I thought Stars on 45 was back with a new Madonna medley but since we're posting favorite quotes... “Madonna was great to work with because — I never really understood her mystique although I always liked her music. We met in New York, had dinner to discuss the album. And there was something so intoxicating about her. We were just the two of us at dinner and I was looking at her going, ‘Wow, she totally sucks you into her world. It’s like there’s nobody else in the restaurant.’ She had a great work ethic. A lot of artists, they want to be co producers just because they can. She wanted to be a co producer, but she earned it. She really knows her way around a studio. She works hard.” -David Foster
  4. Erotica..."I'll give you love, I'll hitch you like a truck" and "are you afraid of the lines of rock? (i.e. cocaine)", I was really surprised she would reference CRACK and I still have no idea what she's saying on that one
  5. Wasn't 'It Hurts' one of the rumored tracks from HC? I remember posting a review that turned out to be fake (written by a lamb) that included a track by that name...perhaps it's a leftover from the HC sessions?
  6. It was definitely more than a rumour, here's M talking about the collaboration (sorry if already posted!)
  7. Best song on Erotica, everything about is great...the lyrics, the production, I've even grown to like the iffy vocals And the video is amazing, in fact it's one of the reasons I started smoking...I dunno, she just makes it look so enjoyable.
  8. This has the best bridge and outro in M's catalog, such a great song!
  9. Pink is a good live performer, better than Madonna can consistently pull off in the vocals department for sure. But, like others have pointed out she's got nowhere near the versatility that M has so she does have that advantage. And I've always thought Madonna's not so much a bad singer as a LAZY one. Every time I see her give some shit vocal performance I always think 'Bitch who you think you're fooling, I know there's a Sooner or Later and You Must Love Me at the Oscars/Lament on the RIT kinda singer in there somewhere' At vocal heights like that, she can kick Pink's and 90% of the rest of the pop world's ass, but how does she expect people to know that?
  10. It's funny how everyone gets up in arms over the misdescription of COADF as "euro-disco" yet people continue to refer to HC as "hip hop" and "urban"
  11. Thanks, someone said it was 2 bars ahead and I thought they meant two LINES ahead, I was getting a little nervous.
  12. Any new screen caps? I heard 4M is only 2 popularity lines ahead of number 2 now
  13. Do you think 4M's download lead on other sites could offset Leona's 2 entries in Itunes?
  14. When people download Leona's full album, does it also count as a single sale for BL?
  15. Where are Hard Candy and the 4M video, by the way? Did they drop out of the top 100 albums, or were they removed?
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