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  1. There seems to be a sub-discussion in the Madonna New Album thread about the global success of Hung Up in real terms, which brought up a few really interesting points. Kurt420 said THIS about Hung Up: So that got me thinking... It's certain that Hung Up and Music are the last two MAJOR hits in her catalog. But which do YOU think had the biggest cultural impact? I always presumed Hung Up was considered a MAMMOTH culturally re-defining tour-de-force of a Madonna moment. But it seems not everyone shares this opinion. I would even say that it had a much bigger scope than Music did, but I'll thr
  2. I'm sure Madonna will still be asked about the SEX book when Lola's 32 "So HOW will you explain the Sex book to your children" :lmao:
  3. Well a "just you wait..." response from a verified MTV account sounds like confirmation of SOMETHING to me. Whether Madonna herself is going to be there though is another thing entirely. Didn't Rita Ora allude to something a few weeks back on her Instagram? Though that's probably nothing. Probably just a few seconds of the original LAV performance "to mark the occasion" before they cut to a commercial break
  4. Stumbled upon this on YouTube - someone has collected loads of clippings from the LAV/Susan era. Surprised to see "Madge" used here circa 1985! Seems the term pre-dates Smash Hits by a few years. Interesting! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXF1u1FZEno
  5. The entire Live 8 set. It's far from being her all-time best performance but the way she changed public opinion in the UK with those performances is quite astonishing. It's underestimated how much of a game changer this was for her here. After American Life was poorly received, it set up the Confessions era REALLY nicely a few months later... and re-affirmed her as the world's best live act.
  6. This does SEEM to be confirmation, although I don't know how reliable the source is - otherwise this would definitely warrant a new thread. It's a bit specific for mere conjecture though. The Sun today claim she is in "talks" to appear on The X Factor sometime in November (the final is in December), The Mirror says, and I quote, "Madonna 'will perform on X Factor live shows'" but is referencing The Sun's source. Anyway, we can only hope! I want a THREE MINUTE X Factor intro with all the videos and ridiculous hyperbole like "3 BILLION RECORDS SOLD". I don't see why they can't give her a 12
  7. I know some of you think time is getting on, but there's still plenty of time for a November release this year. After all, we haven't heard anything concrete about other supposed Nov/Dec releases yet (One Direction, Adele etc.) regarding album titles and release dates. HOWEVER, just to put things into perspective (info taken from Genesis Timelines): Confessions was released November 11, but Madonna.com confirmed the album title and first single on July 26 (Madonna had of course earlier confirmed the title at Live 8 on July 2.) If the new album IS being scheduled for a November release, we ce
  8. Seems late October and November will be a busy time for new releases, especially in the UK if you're throwing Take That into the mix. I'm guessing record labels will wait until Adele confirms her release date and then schedule their albums to be released BEFORE if they want to debut at number one. Madonna could hit number one in the UK if she released same week as Rihanna or Taylor Swift, first singles and promo depending. Take That and One Direction less chance, Adele no chance. That's IF all those acts release albums this year.
  9. For what it's worth, Richard Tisci posted a few old pics of M with tags such as "Ibiza74" (74 being the year he was born - reference to the party?) and "coming soon" (reference to the album shoot?). See here, here, and here (Mert's tagged in them too). Whether she's just going to the party (although like MerGirl says no pics have shown up) OR she's there to shoot the album artwork remains to be seen...
  10. So BBC Radio 1's DJ Target has confirmed that Madonna is in Ibiza now. I'm guessing she attended Riccardo Tisci's birthday party last night - but didn't someone on here (can't remember now - was it Pressston?) think that she was going to shoot the album artwork in Ibiza this weekend?
  11. Thanks! Does anyone remember the term being used to reference any other singer BEFORE Madonna? Or was she was the FIRST (and of course, the TRUE) QoP?
  12. I just can't imagine her being referred to as MADGE when the Like A Prayer video was released or when Erotica dropped. Dancing in a frilly dress in the Love Profusion video perhaps but NOT during the 80s/early 90s! Perhaps because she was 30 when LAP was released and maybe was already seen as older as her contemporaries, even though she was only on her fourth album? As Jamesy said it's always been used as a term of endearment for the most part anyway so it's not really a diss or anything.
  13. Really interesting, thanks Jamesy! That would make sense, but strange that it stuck and is still being used today. And that THIS was the inspiration for the name. I remember during the Richard and Judy English Roses interview when Madonna asked WHY she was called Madge. They couldn't offer an explanation but Judy said it was short for Margaret, which confused Madonna even further! Funny how these terms enter language without anyone knowing exactly where they came from and WHY. This I was always confused about. I know that the names originated from Smash Hits like you said, but won
  14. Not that it really MATTERS, it's just interesting... I always presumed Queen of Pop originated from the late 90s, but there seems to be reference of it in Rolling Stone magazine as early as 1985 which is way earlier than I thought. Do you know who first coined this term, and was it BEFORE Michael Jackson became the self-proclaimed King of Pop? I'm also guessing The Royal Box is a play on this nickname? Or not? Obviously she acknowledged the name much later in her career (Dancing Queen on Confessions Tour etc.), but it's interesting to me it's been around for so long, and she was referred to
  15. THIS. Have there been any pap pics of her out and about since July 7 (jury duty)? I know she's still posting but like you said, no new pics. Maybe something's brewing...
  16. i wonder if Adele could shit out 1.5 million in the first week (US only) or is that way too high? I'm sure her new campaign will be massively front-loaded anyway, and the longevity will depend on whether the album is any good or not.
  17. "with your list of names" definitely sounds like her, "when the truth unfol-oh-ds" less so. Strong melody and decent lyrics though!
  18. Isn't this note-worthy enough to be split into a new thread? It'll get lost among all these album rumor topics
  19. It definitely sounds like her in parts of that but not in others. A quick lyric search suggests it's nothing that's already out there either...
  20. His early work with M.I.A, Beyonce's End of Time and Pon De Floor are genuine forward-thinking creative pieces of production genius in each of their respective genres. Which proves he has it in him to produce the goods. That's not to say he hasn't produced some shite in the past - but then who hasn't?
  21. Now this is all over, how would you guys feel about a similar sort of marketing strategy for the new album? Slowly building up hype with a mysterious single (no vocals obviously), and then revealing who it was at a later date. It wouldn't harm her, especially if radio are reluctant to play her new song because of age/other silly reasons. Obviously it would have to be done on a bigger scale (We-R-Superstars wasn't played anywhere outside of a few dance-orientated specialist shows) but it would be an interesting way to kick-boost a new campaign if it was done RIGHT. I'm not sure how she would g
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