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  1. I think this is the first time that an 80's act getting certification with a new single?
  2. Queen is my second most played song from Rebel Heart era. it would be a great end to the album.
  3. The video is really fun and makes you watch again. This wasn't the case with LFL or GT. LFL has some editing problems, everything is moving so fast in that video that you can't concentrate on one thing. MDNA tour video also had same problem. BIM was relatively succesful on Spotify and iTunes since the beginning. So I'm not surprised by relative YouTube success. It reminds me of songs from Miley Cyrus album. I'm hopeful that it will pass 100 million in the long run.
  4. I like the demo, but the final version is better...
  5. If BIM continues its success, I think she will go Rebel once more and release UB...
  6. Rebel Heart is a solid, rich album. The leak was very unfortunate and definitely played part in low sales. It is obvious that she was more concentrated on this album during production compared to MDNA. But is it on the level of LIKE A PRAYER or RAY OF LIGHT? I'm afraid no. It includes too much past references and some of the songs are overproduced and lack depth. Even though her lyrics are progressed since MDNA, they are still behind her past efforts. I think she should continue as a singles artist not wasting too much time to complete albums, but release really goods songs as they come by.
  7. My response was neutral when I first watched the video. But after watching it a couple of times more I started to like it very much. Fans have nothing to complain about for this era. She's doing everything she can for promotion.
  8. Good idea! Some demos may be included in this version. There are really good songs among them. I think, especially "Never Let You Go" may be even a single from this re-release..
  9. I think I am the only one who likes the final version better than the demo. Rebel Heart is my most played song from the album along with Ghosttown and Queen.
  10. Living For Love Devil Pray Ghosttown Hold Tight Body Shop Inside Out Messiah Rebel Heart Queen Graffiti Heart Heartbreak City, Borrowed Time, Joan of Arc and Iconic just missed Top10.
  11. We have to admit that views on YouTube are embarrasing even if we take Snapchat premiere into account. She is nowhere on Spotify charts as well. It seems that mainstream public has really disconnected from her in last couple of years and Living For Love failed to spark any interest. But we are lucky that she is still producing good quality materials and she still has enough fans to keep it going. Hopefully more people will appreciate following singles.
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