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  1. Sucks the EG quote has made its way on the big news sites to attempt to invalidate the video and Madonna. It's so frustrating because she gave them the discredit headline they needed...as Madonna seemingly purposefully had been so diligent to make this video with a strong message but also being sensitive. UGH I won't post the link but there's a new ATLANTIC article where the white man talks about how this could be such a great moment for Madonna if she would just do things how he thinks she should do them and not ruffle feathers. Letting it go!
  2. It's the favorite of all my non-Madonna fans who have heard the album. It fits perfectly with today's music. I love it but it's not in my top 5 from Madame X.
  3. Bey is amazing. Bey also buys awards and hugely manipulates streaming figures in her attempt to show "impact" and "relevance"...let's not pretend.
  4. Posting this here only because it's actually comical it was published and such an example of "Madonna, let me tell you how I'd like you better if you'd be the Madonna I want you to be..." bullshit. It's legit crazy...the arrogance and self-righteousness of this article. ——— https://www.sentinel-standard.com/news/20190629/farr-side-time-for-madonna-to-embrace-her-age The Farr Side: Time for Madonna to embrace her age By David T. Farr Posted Jun 29, 2019 at 12:00 PM Madonna has always danced to the beat of her own drum. Madonna has always danced to the beat of her own drum. For the most part, it has served here well. However, her drive to stay relevant is starting to wear thin. “Madame X” illustrates that. “Madame X” is Madonna’s 14th studio album and perhaps her most bizarre. It’s a hodgepodge of electronic reggaeton-fused tracks that has no real concept. I’m a diehard Madonna fan so it pains me to say this album does nothing for me — or her, for that matter. The album’s first single, “Medellin,” isn’t so out-of-the ordinary for “new” Madonna music. The track features Maluma, a huge Latin artist from South America. It’s danceable and rhythmic, but it’s no “La Isla Bonita.” The song seems handcrafted to appease the growing global Latino music market. Only Maluma adds to the song’s appeal. But just in time for the album’s release comes “Crave” featuring Swae Lee. It’s the best song on the record. What’s even cooler is I heard the track pon mainstream radio, something newer Madonna songs have failed to do. That being said, though, the rest of the album is downright bizarre. She is better than this! “I Rise” and “I Don’t Search I Find” are relatively lost among strange songs like “Killers Who Are Partying,” and “Batuka.” I would like to have a conversation with her. It might be time someone offers her some positive, yet critical, advice. I’d start by praising her writing and recording some of the best music ever made and include examples like “Crazy For You,” “Like A Prayer,” “Express Yourself,” “Vogue,” “Live To Tell,” “Ray Of Light” and some others. After all, she’s made some awesome songs during her amazing career. Then, I’d play up her age. She’s 60, which is not old by any means, especially in this day and age. But there is “60” and then there’s “60-trying-to-be 20.” That’s when things go south. I would tell her she’s Madonna and she doesn’t need to try to be the next big thing — she already has been that. It’s time to embrace her age, but in a manner that rewards her and not one that makes critics, like me, have to write negative reviews. My dream for Madonna is clear. I know its cliché for artists to do “covers” albums or record an LP of standards. Several have done so and gotten mediocre results. But I’m talking about Madonna doing on “her way.” Picture this: A double CD. The first disc is entirely cover songs, including signature standards (we know how awesome she was with “Evita”). These tracks should be songs she loves. Imagine if she took a standard and modernized it without compromising its integrity. The music would be phenomenal. Couple that with her vocal capabilities, it could be magic. Plus, it would introduce the standards to a whole new generation of music lovers. Disc two would feature a selection of originals rerecorded in the same manner.Why not? Her songs have become part of the fabric of our lives, just like classic standards have. It would bring her music to life for a whole new generation. And those of us who have grown up listening to her music would have reason to celebrate all over again.
  5. I do this too. I try to manage the avalanche to save for the lean times. I only just allowed myself to really invest in the 3 deluxe tracks. i am saving the deep Rebel Heart demo dive until after she stops making music. I’ve only heard most of those once.
  6. I’d love it too but I think it’s likely Madonna requesting to remain anonymous with her giving/advocacy. She is well aware how polarizing she is and that she becomes the story and usually it’s negative. It also allows Madonna to be more free in her art by not having to be “mindful” of controversies relating to specific organizations.
  7. The real T right there. Madonna walks the fucking walk. Always has.
  8. Honestly this graphic is the only thing necessary to discredit those EG tweets. It’s all there lol. I can’t.
  9. I think what she says here is still true. Turn off all the noise...don’t listen to anyone. This has been her whole career. And god the beauty! It’s always happened everything is just SO magnified by social media outrage now. I want her loved and respected, always have, but I want authentic warrior bitch goddess Madonna more. It’s that uncompromising Madonna that saved my life again and again starting so many years ago as a gay kid.
  10. There is no win for Madonna here. The shit and hate come from all sides. It must be suffocating. I think her goal is just to tune it out and that’s wise. Even this Emma tweet, while so sadly misinformed, is noise - cue tmz story in 3,2,1. It’s attempt is to diminish and vilify Madonna. Sadly hate prevails in this world now. They’d all like to cancel the “rich privileged” pop star who didn’t self destruct, isn’t a drug addict or a victim and continues to fight for love, freedom, human rights. Madonna is an easy target and really can’t defend herself without that being a target too. This era has helped me accept the hate she gets from everywhere and accept she will not be universally loved likely again until long after her death. She’s too powerful. The easy choice for Madonna would be to walk away, hide away. She very well may end up doing that and I can’t blame her. Directing films must be such an artistic escape for her. I swear as a man in his early 40s I feel hopelessly sandwiched between the generation above me which gives us straight white men in charge of everything (rage, oppression, hate, bigotry) and the generation below me so helplessly disconnected by their “connection” and ownership of everything that sucks the air of joy and freedom out of everything they touch.
  11. I love it. Simple and straightforward. Completely un-ironic. Some wonderful song information and shots. She's so wonderful and I hope she never stops recording music.
  12. Yasss God Control. I wish I was going. (calling it now...she will never perform Like A Prayer again)
  13. https://www.metroweekly.com/2019/06/music-review-madonnas-chaotic-madame-x/
  14. Yes. With the one person TMZ could find (pay) to be triggered and outraged against the video. Their first report didn't have that so they made a deal. It's ridiculous. Those directly affected by these tragedies should very likely CHOOSE to not watch the video...just like they choose not to watch other things in the spectrum of media that remind them of their experience.
  15. Low key inciting haters and those easily triggered. It’s to be expected and best ignored. Total right wing sight.
  16. On repeat all day. I would be fine with a whole album of this style.
  17. She gets the clicks! I’m sure he’ll use RFs next week reporting that’s it has fallen.
  18. Anything can be a “mistake” if you are looking to label things right/wrong, etc. Must be so exhausting for folks looking at life that way. Excited for the different covers and seems that the Deluxe editions of MDNA, RH and MX are Madonna’s vision for the albums.
  19. This - the need to punish her and hold her accountable by people, here included. It’s human nature I guess (bitch/shit). And the interviewer either has the balls or does not. Anxiously awaiting your interview opportunity with her.
  20. Anitta response to the post is “I’m gonna die”
  21. I think her fanbase is older than the fanbases of the streaming giants. I stream exclusively but my listening habits are probably minuscule compared to young people. I don’t have time in my day to listen to much music and there are times I enjoy silence. I’ve listened to MX constantly in the past week but it’s not sustainable. My life isn’t revolved around music. I’d love to see any streaming numbers for unique listener interactions with albums/songs compared to repeated listens by a small group or demo listening over and over. I love what she has accomplished on this album. It’s a masterwork.
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