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  1. It mostly simply, and sadly, comes down to abortion. The narrative or PRO-LIFE for the evangelical trumps (sorry pun) everything else. Abortion, and gay marriage to a lesser degree, are the rallying cries of the current Republican party/evangelical Christian right. It is that and that only in many cases. Nothing will change their minds. Some of the "sweetest" people I know think the Democrats kill babies and for that, they will always vote Trump/Republican.
  2. There’s this great episode of South Park about people loving the smell of their own farts.
  3. Yes. And Gore. They both won the popular vote yet did not win the presidency because of the Electoral College.
  4. The most instantly accessible and likable song on the incredible MADAME X (along with maybe Crazy and BIL). FG>BIL>Medellin>Soltera I think FG then BIL as the first two singles would have been dynamite. It would also have made people's heads explode and obviously wouldn't have properly represented her vision for the album's theme/visuals.
  5. Still loving this album! A thoroughly contemporary album.
  6. https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-madonna-gum-chewing-date-mary-trump-book-2020-7
  7. The visuals (including the iconic album covers) were flawless.
  8. CRAZY - classic Madonna lyrics and melody - on par with some of her greatest hits COME ALIVE - absolutely elevated by the live performance, which was a highlight of the MX Tour. CRAVE (by far my least favorite song on the album) - I like this song, but it actually feels like the only song on MX that doesn't match the rest of the album. I suspect it was the last song recorded in an effort to give Interscope a more commercial single. Also, the best "C" song on MADAME X is - CIAO BELLA!
  9. We do not. Bless you. She also continues to tour her ALBUMS and not her hits, which reinforces the clear notion that commercial success isn't her primary focus...at all.
  10. It is absolutely everything I love about Madonna. It is her spirit in song.
  11. Justice for Eurovision. Prophetic and relevant. She knew there was nothing to be joyful about.
  12. SUBLIME! Thanks for sharing. The scenes of her dancing in the bedroom are quarantine dreams for real. I wish the world could see this.
  13. Essential to the era...it's the lone call to the dance floor...and there's always at least one. It's not my favorite on the album but it's great.
  14. Love the video and song. The tour performance the song really came to life and was a highlight...made me love it more.
  15. "SOMETIMES I DESPAIR, SOMETIMES I HAVE HOPE, SOMETIMES I DON'T KNOW..." My quarantine track of life. It's my favorite song at the moment. Such a mood. I only know how to listen on youtube which is a pain.
  16. The relevance...and the onion (it's a joke). https://politics.theonion.com/damning-new-footage-shows-sanders-in-1980s-arguing-mado-1842016455 Damning New Footage Shows Sanders In 1980s Arguing Madonna Could Never Make Transition From Music To Film NEW YORK—In a video from late 1984 that was circulating online Friday and could severely damage his bid for the presidency, Bernie Sanders can be heard openly questioning whether Madonna was likely to succeed in the transition from making records to acting in major motion pictures. “Look, she’s an undeniable pop sensation with a promising string of top-20 hits to her credit, but let me tell you something: There’s no guarantee that kind of talent is going to translate to the silver screen,” Sanders, then mayor of Burlington, VT, says in a local public-access broadcast in which he clearly exhibits short-sightedness in his failure to anticipate the undeniable success the Material Girl would achieve in box-office smashes such as A League Of Their Own and Evita. “Madonna should stick to music. People love this Like A Virgin album, it’s a lot of fun to dance to, and she needs to build on its success. Taking time away from that to focus on what are sure to be small, insubstantial roles in lackluster films? That’s career suicide.” Reminded by reporters that Madonna had won acclaim for her role in Desperately Seeking Susan just a few months after his videotaped remarks, a visibly angry Sanders argued that Rosanna Arquette had carried that entire film and anyone who said otherwise didn’t know “a goddamn thing” about acting.
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