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  1. For me not the most appealing song, but video is definitely meaningful and emotional. As usual, and i have to say, we’ve seen this before, she is well advance to the world we live in. It feels her own project with no restrictions since .... i dare to say EROTICA
  2. What about Cherish and Tony Ward?? That is where i met my boyfriend!!
  3. Best thing that happened in radio ever, it is a big shame that is only one month!!!! I want that radio on and on and on in my car
  4. Madonna has always talked about what no one else had the balls to talk about even less pronounce themselves. Sad but true she will only be recognized after the fact ... it only took 30 years to see she was among the ones and only vouching for LGBT rights, don’t expect gun control will be understood any time soon. However that doesn’t mean she would give up.
  5. Butt or no butt let’s enjoy what is coming because it will kick asses for sure! Hate that i just moved from NY to Miami few months ago. Want to see God Control live now!!!
  6. What about the 4 of you that have a butt obsession open a thread off topic and enjoy yourselves, dude you don’t know when to stop a joke so get it together. Happy Pride everyone
  7. Wtf i’m reading?? Fans discussing on her butt in her performance threat? For real, this is going lower than Britney’s 2007. Please keep the hype for the performance and let the butt for your inner fantasies
  8. Gay pride has always been bittersweet, it is a celebration of extremely rough riots all across the US and world, it makes totally sense the music selected. It is an statement not only a party. #Wakeup
  9. Maybe i missed but anyone has advised on T shirt fit? Hesitating on M or L
  10. Songs i absolutely love from each album NOW 1. Rebel Heart - 9 2. Madame X - 7 3. MDNA - 7 4. Hard Candy - 6
  11. IDSIF will remain like I’m Addicted, Impressive Instant or Skin ... a dance masterpiece that could have been there but it wasn’t
  12. All videos are visually impeccable, all releases consistent, this is a dream for any Madonna’s fan (and we know we have asked for this in all ki d of prayers). I trust she finally had her say in all aspects and had the respect to release everything on her time ... FINALLY Bring on the backlash, bring on whatever you want but mostly bring on the creativity she has been freed to release. I AM READY
  13. Anyone has a size guide for the t shirts? How they fit?
  14. I could reduce it to 6 sorry (no particular order) Dark Ballet God Control Crazy I Don’t Search I Find  Looking for Mercy I Rise
  15. Quavo takes it all, for me she shines more in I rise and Medellin is more commercial ... Crave i am still figuring out, not impressed, not surprised and not really looking to hear it more to dig into it. Just my opinion
  16. Better than Devil but certainly Devil’s feeling to it. Loving it!!!
  17. I am sorry guys but M dressed as Marie Antoinette in 1990 MTV VMA and she ricked the dance with that dress so yes she can kick it with the wedding dress or anything she may wear. She also did a move reminiscent of that choreo covering a dancer under the dress. Can’t wait for May 1st Cha Cha Cha!!
  18. “Mariah ... I used to like her in 1993 ... haven’t seen much of her since” .... Karma is a bitch and the bitch is M
  19. Best news for this new york rainy night, it is packed as hell
  20. Hey i found this on Facebook, not sure if it has been posted or even if a MN member did it, but it is so AWESOME https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=jpxOqNw6-34
  21. Short periscopes tonite! Coitus interruptus
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