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  1. 20 minutes ago, Barbie said:

    He comes from a wealthy family and is well off. Most trans people don't have that luxury. Must be nice to snap your fingers and get a procedure done just like that. His body will give out eventually, only a matter of time.

    Amazing how much money he has to spend on all of this botched crap, he doesn’t seem like he runs some family business at all... its all very strange, maybe he won the lottery or something? Anyway, i really can’t imagine what a life he has with so much money to mess with his body/face, living like there is no tomorrow. I wonder what his family members thinks of all the money going down the drain for a vanity project that eventually will cost his life...

  2. Just now, elijah said:

    No, if Biden wins Pennsylvania or Georgia he will win also. But it seems unlikely?

    Exactly... really, i don’t see how at this point he could win Pennsylvania. Georgia maybe if a miracle happens?? 

    I’m now very angry about Florida!! This shit is happening only because the idiots in Florida voted for Trump!!

  3. 4 hours ago, Cesky said:

    In my mind, God Control and Faz Gostoso are the two songs that REQUIRE videos

    I totally agree.

    God Control is the psychedelic trip track, the video would be an instant Madonna classic.

    Faz Gostoso is clearly the most mainstream club track, it plays on the club and the gays go crazy over it. It deserves a video.

  4. The worst: Come Alive, Extreme Occident, Batuka (very boring, i skip all the time).

    The best: God Control (psychedelic trip), Looking for Mercy (epic drama), Crave (cute to sing along) and Faz Gostoso (the most mainstream club track)

    Overall this album is 50/50. There is not an obvious hit song, its an experimental album, clearly not a traditional pop album.

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