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  1. This is gonna be epic in all possible ways, another page in the book of history and she's once again the one writing it! So proud of you, Madame X! ....plus she's doing all this with one of her best songs as a soundtrack! God Control is gold!
  2. +1 ......somebody has to! It's been too long already since it happened!
  3. The footage looks like it's taken from the behind-the-scenes recordings. It could end up looking quite different in the final version as far as quality and cinematography and overall style.
  4. I wonder if this will come out before Jimmy Fallon! It could be quite interesting if it did! You do, Madame X!
  5. She's going ALL THE WAY THERE! Madame X is not joking! She's taking her missions quite seriously and she wants them all accomplished! This one is gonna be interesting!
  6. She was fantastic! Funny, hilarious, humorous, sarcastic! I loved it! She did great!
  7. + 1 ....and I appreciate the fact that she didn't speed up the vocals.
  8. Will the deluxe (or even super deluxe) edition be available on Spotify on Friday?
  9. I am waiting till Friday. Have only heard the five songs. Can’t wait after reading all the comments!!!!
  10. I don’t understand why there are threads for songs that are not officially released yet and people are commenting on them based on illegal sharing that is violating the copyright. I find it quite incoherent.
  11. I have been playing Dark Ballet nonstop for the past hour! Amazing, haunting, fascinating, liberating, effervescent, fresh, moving, empowering, enlightening! This is the world of MadameX! We are so lucky!
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