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  1. So why not just wait then instead being the FIRST fucking negative Nancy of the night?
  2. She was absolutely divine...mesmerizing...graceful...sexy...on point...and she OWNED that stage like she always does!!! Brilliant performance!!
  3. I am literally shaking looking at the candle I lit for her!!
  4. Heck if they can destroy those fucking monsters, so be it!
  5. Taylor Swift is a SHITTY performer....can't dance for SHIT!
  6. That it was her idea, an that he enjoyed it, he said you're Madonna you do whatever you want
  7. Exactly...by the time Madonna hits the stage Mariah will be forgotten by the time she says 1-2 Cha cha cha
  8. There is a thread called : Madame X - - UK Chart/General Promo Discussion Go be sad there if you'dd like.
  9. Calm down...geez....nothing major spoiled here....get over yourself.
  10. Don't worry!! there are plenty of surprises left I'm sure! for what it's worth this may not even be the final outfit
  11. She is so beautiful no words!!!!!!!!!! so the dress rehearsal took place!!
  12. Agreed 100% luckiest fan base on EARTH!!
  13. That is a certainty, I got a feeling that this is the kind of performance that we will want to re-watch a thousand times!!
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