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  1. Let this be true this time!! I'm so ready!! no words!! let it out M!!!!!!!!
  2. I don't think they ( her and her team) will repeat the same mistake as they did with MDNA's lead single. That cheerleaders fiasco completley killed the momentum and by all means was not the indicator of what the album sounded like. An edit of I'm addicted could've done wonders but it's pointless now. We all know how large Madonna's ego is, she knows GMAYL was a dissapointment in terms of charts/sales. She will not miss the mark this time, I'm positive the lead single will smash worldwide and become as big as Hung up. Most likely #1 across Europe and a top 10 in the states. I'm sure that is definitely her goal here.
  3. For some reason I have that feeling too...she will pull the unexpected and we will be in awe!!
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