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  1. Streaming this masterpiece again....and again..
  2. Your remixes are all killers!! adore them! and thank you so much for this share!!
  3. 50th #1 awaits!! and then a box set of all her 50 dance hits! Thank you!
  4. Absolutely beautiful on all counts!! We are so spoiled
  5. It's not working anymore for me? Is it for you?
  6. Yeah pretty much another one here who will jump on you for this shitty post.You found her stiff?? How little she does on stage??! WTF?? Did we watch the same performance?!
  7. I'm trying to go, but it says "channel not available" can you guys listen?
  8. Even if they do, we will spot them a mile ahead and kick their sorry asses out!
  9. I so desperately want some HQ videos...pictures of this EPIC performance!!!!!!!!
  10. Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna see so bad!!!!!!!!!
  11. What a masterpiece...I am in awe...speechless..moved...proud. I am in tears...this woman.
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