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  1. Bad example, New York has seated floor, so no pushing whatsoever, plus the audience is great , same for Montreal :-) You get into your seat 15 min before the show next to the run way/ or next to the heart....the atmosphere does suffer but there are exceptions (London also comes to mind)
  2. The moment if mentioned that Madonna had to change the setlist to adapt to Singapore I already knew it wasn't happening
  3. I can't at people trashing the medley
  4. Yes you are...but im biased cause I love Frida
  5. Did she say that? Lol I love her humour
  6. So she didnt get nominated because of technical issues?
  7. Don't rely on Madonnas Twitter, she uses Instagram, and only certain post make it to Twitter hours later
  8. wow people are really acting like entitled pricks, this was beautiful
  9. Weird ,I always had the impression data was cheaper in Europe...you can't find wifi in many arenas. In NA people stream using LTE /3G
  10. I noticed that too, I have posted meerkat links before but there are not many people using it
  11. Well honestly she should have started the boycott decades ago...it's not like it's the first time she gets snubbed, at this point it's more a surprise when gets a nom
  12. It's absolutely expected, nothing to be surprised, I'm guessing she will only get recognition once she's dead
  13. lol, so much drama for nothing, she seems fine, talk about overreacting.
  14. What? Doesn't that defeat the whole thing? You leave the show early and miss 3 songs just so you can be front row the next day?
  15. Yes, she was very chatty since the opening night, but the chat sections seem to be getting longer...I attended show #1 and show #14 and I noticed a difference already, it didnt start in europe
  16. if you think about it, most of her pre-Sticky tours would be ending already...we just passed the 39th date i think (GS had 39 shows)...so we are lucky to have a tour spanning 7 months!
  17. https://www.periscope.tv/w/aTNSyDkwODM1MjR8MVprS3p3bVJnRFJHdr7_pJuHuTNXmU-hFv1ygfR1pELB8j9aai4-Lp9TQ_Gb
  18. I can't find one that actually plays, all have connectivity issues
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