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  1. she is replacing borderline, so it just make sense its going to be a rock version and with her in the guitar, that should not be a surprise, its just a slightly updated tour, not a new one.
  2. She's visiting Centra/Eastern Europe, so the gypsy song cannot go, they will go nuts!
  3. Of course they can say what they want, im just preventing future dissapointments,we all know she is not going to change it. If she does, i will be more than happy, i do agree it kinda sucks, especially the brain part, (i like the pantera riff though) but i got over it, the rest of the show is awsome.
  4. That's not the point, the point is that you people keep complaning like if its some kind of new "mistake", its like if people would be still complaning about the fact that she did not do many hits in DWT or because they thought the opening for the girlie show was awful. get over it
  5. I can't believe people are still complaning about this
  6. Thanks A LOT for doing these. This is what i was looking for.
  7. the guitar has been here since 2000 and wont leave, get over it and stop complaining
  8. THAT CANT BE TRUE that has to be photoshopped by someone, i mean....seriously?? :S
  9. you can choose to not believe any of the reports, but i see no reason for these "fake" news to exist if they are not true
  10. its too bad for Australia and im sure the entire world would love Madonna to go down under... but, come on, blame it on Madonna for the last tours, but not for this one, there is evidence of her trying to go, but just wasnt possible
  11. im glad he did it cause i was laughing my ass off. DAMN FUNNY!
  12. actually it makes sense, i dont thik she could play stadium again
  13. a radio station also faked the live concert in Mexico, we were all excited and then.....LOL
  14. i agree 3rd world country term might be innacurate and technically incorrect (since the end of cold war), but the reality is the same, no matter how much we try to cover it up with nice neighbourhood and malls and big buildings, even if you look at the numbers, there are some big economies, but when you live here the social differences are obvious and outrageous and the poverty is still in extreme levels in most countries. The label doesnt make a difference. anyway, still is a big market for concerts and im happy Madonna was able to make it, and she better remember 2 most important things, she can make a lot of money and her fans adore her here (money and ego boost all in one package!)
  15. while most people consider DCFMA predictable in argentina, we fans know she barely adds/changes anything in her shows, so it wasnt that predictable after all
  16. kylie is not a celebrity in most of the world
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