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  1. I find it odd that some of you are now saying HC had "huge" opening week numbers, when you are the same people who were predicting 400-500k for HC while claiming Mariah's opening in the high 400s was a "disappointment." This rapid revisionist history doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

    Do you actually keep track of what everybody says :manson:

  2. yes the truth usually always hurt these dumb fags

    and the sells for the cd is also embarrassing since madonna worked with those blks for this cd to do well

    listening to these fags they act as if she worked with these things just because she love there work


    I wonder if there is a post of you in which does not talk about races.

  3. the tour is not gonna do $HIT for the cd,,,,the tour is gonna be a typical madonna bore tour,,,no encore..a pre recorded "Thank You Goodnight" ending,,,,shitty ass songs! pre-planned interaction with the crowd,same ol dance moves,another pathetic rendition of "Music" and all the fans will find excuses why she did an acoustic rendition of ,,hmm ohhh say,,,"I'm Goin Bananas" rather than one of her most enduring songs....not to mention,her greed over this new tkt deal she just signed,the BITCH needs to remember without her 80's songs she would be NOWHERE!!!! not that we need a greatest hits tour,but the fact she has over 40 top 40 hits,,she needs to learn how to "mix up" her set list and have a goodtime with BOTH her old and NEW songs!

    LOL, obviously you dont like her ANY of her tours, she always focus in the most recent album heavily. ALWAYS.

    Oh, and that "she wouldnt be here if it wasnt for the 80's hits" its soooo tired, yes, those songs are good, but we have heard them over and over , let her sing her new stuff, which probably she wont sing ever again after the tour is done.

  4. From Drownedmadonna

    Live Nation response about Madonna tour in Japan and Australia.

    Category: Live Performances & Tours.

    Our reader Joseph from Sidney contacted Live Nation about Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour in Japan or Australia.

    Here is the response from Live Nation:

    "Hello Joseph, and thank you for your enquiry.

    Unfortunately, there is no plan for her to play either Japan or Australia this time out. The tour schedule is Europe and North America, and has been set."

  5. I agree, I went too, Prague was FULL. The only tix you could buy were the odd 1 ticket sold in a local shop window! The crowd were crazy and M worked it!

    Also the t-shirts and everything were half the price than in London. M wouldve knew about this before she travelled there, it didnt stop her.

    The problem is that they released last minute tickets which were not sold (it was too late i guess, and most czechs though it was sold out as announced)....... i remember how people were lining up in the gas stations at midnight and tickets just were sold out in MINUTES. Nothing to do with economy (tickets were fucking expensive for czechs and for the typical concert but still people did not care)

  6. It's a pity its not selling well in the US, but in the other hand...most albums arent. Maybe we though Madonna, as a major superstar, wasnt going to be affected, but no, her sales are ridiculous for such a great album and successful 1st single. I do think HC will end up selling slighly better AL numbers, and that's it. Let's just hope the rest of the world embrace this album and make a worldwide hit. Madonna, dont waste your time in the US.

  7. I just like to add I'd love it if the tour is broadcast/DVD from ZAGREB!!

    hopefully not, most european crowds suck, with the exception of london and paris ive heard, and possibly spain.....

    holland was LAME and ive heard prague as well

  8. As a side note: I just found out that Mana is releasing their new album on the same date as HC. Clever move, Warners, if that's the case! No way HC can outsell Mana in the Latin American territories.

    no ones listen to mana anymore here, at least not in mexico, they are huge in spain, but here? they are long gone and became a joke....hopefully they dont pull a mariah

  9. I wouldn't count on it, at least not given how sales have been so far.

    I can see why "Touch my panocha" was number 1, an easy, typical, silly mariah song, but Bye, Bye is pure Shit. there are way better songs in that album, Side Effects for example....i can see a potetial good video as well,...., why cant she just realease something different for once?

  10. I just can't fathom why anyone cares. The Mariah v. Madonna crap seems like such an utter waste of time and energy.

    I guess its natural among divas fans....people just have fun making fun of the others, i find myself laughing to a lot of these comments. But i guess it becomes creepy when people invest too much time.

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