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  1. 2 hours ago, drunkbysix said:

    I'm really fed up with this place. From people thinking protesting is "stupid" just because we voted democratically (people have a fucking right to disagree with a decision whether enforced by the people or not, on BOTH sides) to criticizing people deeply saddened by the election telling them to "get over it and grow up" and now we have people being insensitive about fucking suicide. This forum had gone down hill man. This is fucking ridiculous.

    I rarely visit this section, opened up my eyes about some posters, I wanna throw up

  2. 3 people I know are wounded. All employees of the club. Not many updates on their condition.

    One person I know was there and managed to escape. I along with all my close friends were weighing going out tonight but we all stayed home. The news unfolded last night around 2 AM and I haven't slept since.

    When these things happen elsewhere in the US, I become so enraged at our backwards gun laws that it almost smothers the tragedy of what happens. Now I'm just kinda frozen in depression. This place was a local institution, I used to go there as often as twice a week. The amount of lives lost makes me want to throw up.

    Thanks for all the support and well-wishes on social media. I appreciate that some of you guys reached out. We need all the love we can get.

    This is truly depressing, i'm sick to my stomach, hoping your friends manage to recover

  3. That ad was made in Mexico by Mexicans for Mexicans.

    The "racism" movement that exists in the U.S. and that in many ways has lost its meaning doesn't exist here, so don't start running your mouths about something you don't even know about. If you think things have improved in the past 40 years in the U.s., that's great, but this isn't the U.S. Indigenous people in Mexico are third class citizens without a voice and they're the laughing stock of the country.

    Mexico's indigenous communities live in deplorable conditions, they've been fighting for centuries (BEFORE the U.S. even existed) to hold on to their ways of life, and their communities have been devastated ever since FEMSA the owners of the Coca Cola brand in Mexico, Latin America and the Philippines) aggressively spread their ridiculously unhealthy products in communities where many still don't even have clean drinking water. Things have gotten so out of control in these communities that the government has imposed a tax on soft drinks nationwide in order to try to curve the diabetes epidemic, which FEMSA spent tens of millions of dollars lobbying against.

    Now they release this garbage to try to brainwash stupid people into thinking that they actually care about these people. Give me a fucking break.

    The ad should've instead showed those stupid privileged white kids building a diabetes center and it should said "sorry for all the damage we've done to these really poor communities and the millions and millions of dollars we spent trying to fight the 10% tax on our product that's killing everyone that we could've spent on actually helping these people."

    Damn right this is exactly how I feel, only if you live / are from Mexico you'll understand this shit

  4. 3 comments:

    - Rebel Heart is amazing. Madonna is in a very tricky stage in her career given her age and the genre she is playing in. Rebel Heart does the impossible: it is catchy and modern while also mature (unlike MDNA). It succeeds on that level and that alone is a huge feat. It's given her back some artistry in the public's eye.

    - To that guy who thinks the Avicci sound is fresh... get a grip. Aviccii is more dated than a vocoder. Thank god she switched the sound around last minute. Sure, the demo of Rebel Heart is radio friendly BUt also dull, dull, dull.

    - Fans really don't like True Blue!! WTF... it's amazing (even if it is her most pop)

    I have true blue at the bottom but doesn't mean I don't like it, I think most people agree she doesn't have a bad album

  5. Personally I love a selfie but even I can admit these girls are too much.

    As a member of generation selfie :lmao: I don't see why others get so angry at people taking them. Do they want to be in the picture? Like why would it bother you that I'm taking a picture of myself. And sometimes I'm not even taking a pic I use my phone camera as a mirror sometimes.

    Exactly, plus they are at a baseball game, hello? Have you been to one? It's absolutely boring. I would be taking selfies or posting at mnation instead :lol:
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