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  1. 5 stars in The Times (I have posted the link but it's subscription only) A reinvigorated Madonna created hysteria in a show that exuded confidence Ian West/PA A reinvigorated Madonna created hysteria in a show that exuded confidence Ian West/PA Will Hodgkinson Chief rock critic Last updated at 12:01AM, December 2 2015 Rated to 5 stars Madonna goes in and out of fashion but one constant remains: her tenacity. Less than a year after being almost decapitated during the Brit awards when dancers yanked her cape and sent her flying backwards, Madonna returned to the O2 for a concert that pr
  2. BBC review http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-34979759
  3. 4 night stint at the O2 Burning Up from her latest Rebel Heart album Roman Soilders? Err no Japanese Samaurii Terrible journalism
  4. 4 stars in The Independent http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/music-magazine/live-music/live-reviews/madonna-o2-london-gig-review-its-religion-and-rebellion-as-her-madgeness-reminds-us-why-she-is-such-a6756611.html
  5. Daily Mirror liked the show http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/madonna-returns-scene-horrific-stage-6937246
  6. Absolutely. She's very relaxed and funny and her interaction with audience is great. I really think the fact that the show is packed with hits makes a huge difference.
  7. Just on the train on the way home from the show. She was utterly amazing, much better than MDNA. The crowd was great and we got WTG and LAP. She did a big speech about World AIDS day. Highlights for me were Deeper and Deeper, Body Shop, LDLHA, Living for Love, WTG. Like A Prayer was incredible and moving everyone up and singing. This is her best show since Confessions by a long way. I want to go tomorrow night if I can get a good seat.
  8. Apparently the 02 has a strict curfew of 11pm
  9. Any news from the sound check?
  10. Praying she sings Whos That Girl tonight
  11. mI think 9.30 would be more realistic
  12. I hope she comes onstage before 10pm otherwise I fear there could be a backlash. The press will have a field day tomorrow if she's late. Instead of focussing on how great the show is all they will discuss is why did she keep her fans waiting.
  13. The heart seats have gone. I think there was only a few of them. Probably packages that haven't sold.
  14. single floor seats by the cross are available for tomorrow now!
  15. Looks like a lot of tickets have been sold today. I just had a look and there only a few blocks where you can get 6 seats together. The price reductions have definitely helped
  16. Jamsey, I agree with everything you say. No matter how good the show is the late starts leave the public with a nasty aftertaste. If your lasting memory of the show is missing the last part and rushing to catch the last train that's not good. People think twice about shelling out top dollar for the next tour which is why she's struggling in some markets this time round. Unless there is a major technical problem she really needs to make sure she is onstage at a reasonable time.
  17. If they'd kept the ticket prices reasonable in the first place they wouldn't have to reduced them last minute. £110 + fees for level 4 is beyond ridiculous.
  18. When she was riding high with ROL/Music/ COADF she could get away with the high prices. She hasn't had a hit song here in 6 years and the last 2 albums have fallen off the chart quickly. They need to be a lot more realistic with the pricing for the next tour.
  19. I agree Chelle, why have they left it so late to release the tickets that clearly weren't selling on secondary sites? Also why weren't a lot of these seats available in the initial Icon pre sale and general sale? I think a lot of casual fans and general public looked when the general sale started, saw the availability and prices and didn't bother. They completely lost peoples interest, slashing the prices this late in the day isn't helping to shift them.
  20. Blocks 103 and 113 now have seats reduced from £175 to £85 on AXS. I am shocked at the amount of seats still available for the 2nd show even with the prices being reduced. They defintely need to look at the pricing structure for the next tour. The screen shots below show the seats the are available for second show
  21. Lots of tickets just released for both London shows. The second show has availability almost everywhere expect the floor. I just tried for 6 tickets serval times and was able to get them easily. These tickets have definitely come from secondary sites that can't shift them
  22. This announcement is intended to reach Iconers who are attending the 29 November Rebel Heart Tour concert in Mannheim at SAP Arena. If you are not attending this show but know of friends who are, we appreciate your help in sharing this important update. Please be aware that, due to the production challenges of moving Madonna's Rebel Heart tour from Saturday night's performance in Antwerp to the concert in Mannheim, the Rebel Heart tour will have a delayed start time on Sunday, 29 November at SAP Arena. The rescheduled show time will now be as follows: Doors, previously scheduled to open at 6
  23. I have never seen VIP mix tickets before, they have now sold out. I think the other tickets that have just been released are from secondary sites. They aren't shifting them so they have put them back in the general sale.
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