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  1. Apparently the security in the venue were horrible
  2. From tribe Unread post by Dicklett ยป Tue Dec 15, 2015 10:41 am The Arena staff were just doing their job but the way they handled everything from our view point was abismal and detracted from the whole show. We were block H and the seating didn't match the plan online. The runway had three rows of seats either side of it and then a seven foot gap to the outer floor blocks which Madonna even noticed an said why the hell is there a parking lot either side of my runway, made ref to the guys in yellow coats ruining everyone's fun which they did, our Bloch should have touched the barrier block g
  3. I hope whatever the problem its a one off and gets sorted for Birmingham and Glasgow. She doesn't need negative press
  4. Apparently there was a bit of booing from the crowd
  5. I hope they get an amazing show and forget about the late start
  6. Oh sorry Chellle I need to catch up! Lol What on earth is happening?
  7. They'd be wise to make another announcement about the delay
  8. I can see a lot complaints and bad press coverage coming tomorrow. They should stop the dj earlier to allow time for any problems.
  9. Some of the crowd are starting to get restless and annoyed
  10. According to Tribe they are clearing the stage. 10pm start I think. Not good after all the great press she got in London.
  11. From Facebook People are saying she'll be rehearsing when they let early entry ticket holders get inside the arena. They have been warned not to take photos.
  12. Looking on Stub hub now, heart tickets almost face value. they were 500 quid yesterday
  13. Speech + LIke A Prayer Queen of Life Magical
  14. I am thinking the same very tempted to go but I won't get home I till 1am and I need to be at work at 6.30am
  15. I love seeing her perform in an arena. The are no sound issues, no sight line problems and the atmosphere and energy is amazing. Seeing everyone up on their feet and singing Like A Prayer last night was incredible.
  16. 5 stars in The Telegraoh http://www.telegraph.co.uk/music/what-to-listen-to/madonna-02-review/
  17. Clip of Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend: https://instagram.com/p/-xFCOiHIyW/
  18. Chelle she was flipping amazing
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