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  1. Madonna Wembley Arena London, England Aug. 1, 3, 9-10, 12-13, 15-16, 2006 $22,090,582 86,061 / 86,061 8 / 8 $299.88, $149.94 The Next Adventure Madonna, Paul Oakenfold Millennium Stadium Cardiff, Wales July 30, 2006 $7,788,845 55,795 / 55,795 1 / 1 $280.74, $102.94 The Next Adventure Someone e mail these figures to the 3am bitches!
  2. She sold over 88,000 tickets at Wembley, all shows were sell outs. Wembley gave her an award This is from Madonnalicious - Madonna celebrated her birthday in style last night - together with 12,000 of her fans - playing her 8th and final sell out show at London's Wembley Arena. The Material Girl's backing singers led the packed house in a rendition of Happy Birthday part way through the megastars set while Wembley presented her with a beautiful mirror ball of roses. Madonna also scooped the much coveted Wembley Arena's 'Female Artist of the Year Award' for her eight sold out shows playin
  3. I have been to 2 Wembley shows (1st and 12th) and she effing rocked at both! Just my opinion thou.
  4. Sigh Isn't it a shame that the Catholic church will speak out about a Madonna's concert but wont do a damn thing about all the perverts in their religion who molest young boys. How many lives have been runined by pervert Catholic priests over the years?? Any why the fuck don't those religious leader address the fact that she is trying to raise Aids awareness. Or the fact that she is trying to help raise money for Malawi which suffers from drought, poverty, disease and famine. What a bunch of tossers.
  5. from Andifel posted on Icon The show was great, poo'd from a great height over any UK crowd from Drowned World or Reinvention - whoever thought we'd get mass clapalongs to Forbidden Love or Isaac?! I take credit for the whoop whoops during Ray of Light, as i did for Cardiff LOL!! Please take note and whoop along at the appropriate juncture for the remainder of the run so I dont look stupid!! Also please can we keep the whoops going for Let It Will Be? I enjoy whooping haha... Show was great - incidents of note : she messed up a line in Jump, and a line in I Love New York. Poor Cloud had
  6. The show last nite was amazing, Madonna was in great form. I had great seats in block B4 row 6 seats 21/22. I was 1 foot away from the catwalk. Security were a pain in the ass thou, when the lights went down they kept telling us to get back in our seats and not to go near the catwalk. As Future Lovers began a security manager came along and said we could slowly approach the catwalk. Of course there was a huge surge and let me tell you there were some extremely rude and obnoxious people (2 very rude Lesbians spring to mind!) pushing,shoving and elbowing me! At 1 point I was crushed so hard up
  7. I e mailed the Sun this morning and asked them if they had seen the article in The Mirror today. I also asked them if they had would print the Billboard Boxscore stats for the UK dates when they are available. This was the reply from Victoria Newton, I know - they have a pop at me but this is the column that yesterday said the show was great, before making two huge mistakes - they said she played a Beatles classic Let It Be and that she was doing Earls Court. Neither of which was right. Don't bother reading them!"
  8. why don't the 3am girls bitch about the £150 the Rolling Stones are charging or the £125 the Pet Shop boys charged at recent London shows?
  9. Yeah why on eath did they choose Fresno and Hartford? Who didn't do their homework?
  10. The NY figures are stunning! The bitch rules the concert box office.
  11. from another fansite Here are the final totals for the North American leg of Madonna's Confessions Tour. Keep in mind that this is the gross total, not what Madonna herself gets paid. $ 7,686,380 LA (Forum) $ 7,257,750 Las Vegas $ 4,761,555 San Jose $ 2,804,583 LA (Staples) $ 3,749,800 Fresno $ 4,890,090 Phoenix $ 9,271,790 Chicago $ 5,670,150 Montreal $ 3,451,235 Hartford $16,507,855 New York $ 6,337,115 Boston $ 4,639,775 Philidelphia $ 3,246,100 Atlantic City $ 5,568,485 Miami $85,842,663 North American Total t
  12. This guy needs to take a chill pill. The aim of the broadcast of CT is to reach to as many people as possible because US radio is shunning Madonna. This guy needs to realise that Madonna is 47 years old and is finding it increasingly difficult to get airplay. Madonna, Warners and her managers have finally woken up to this and are using other mediums to give her music maximum exposure. We should be glad after the RIT dvd fiasco that Madonna has finally got her act together. Sure the show will be edited but its better than nothing. She is damned if her show is broadcast and damned if it isn'
  13. I agree, she fucked up royaly with RIT not being broadcast. I think she is begining to realise at last that because US radio wont embrace her she has to use other mediums to expose her music to the public. I am all for a high quality concert footage even if it is edited. Madonna is the worlds no 1 live performer and the world needs to see her in action more often.
  14. Perez Hilton review perezhilton reviews Madonna's New York show............... http://www.perezhilton.com/topics/upload/2...nnadnlollla.jpg Madonna always puts on a great show. And, she did not disappoint Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden. But, the thing about the Queen of Pop is that she's almost too good. It's as if she's a machine. There seemed to be a lack of intimacy or a "connection" with the audience last night. She loves NY and all that jazz, but the concert could have been in Topeka for all we know. She barely spoke more than two cumulative minutes to the audience all
  15. Should she have done so many many shows in the NY area? And was Fresno a mistake? Would she have been better playing a couple of shows in Toronto(where demand would have been huge) and say Houston or Atlanta?
  16. from DM Concert grosses for ALL show up to NY have now been released.....Glendale, Arizona was a huge hit, grossing just under $4.9 million for two shows, with 2 sellouts! Hartford and Fresno did not fare as well, and will most definitely be the lowest grossing cities on the U.S. tour. Hartford grossed about $ 3.4 million for 2 shows and Fresno grossed $3.75 million for 2 shows. The worst part about these 2 cities, was that over the 2 nights at each venue, Madonna only drew about 10,000 people at each of these 4 shows (Both venues hold at least 14,000-16,000 people)...... The ENORMOUSLY
  18. from Bobster Icon Yes, tonight was F*ing AMAZING!!!!!!! I almost sat next to David Blaine but he was moved to the other side of the row. Thank God so he wouldn't think of how dorky I was by all the jumping and rocking I did. Question to those who were also there: what song did she sing a bit of while resting after "Let It Will Be"? I couldn't hear the words. She sang a couple lines with the band doing a little thing. Then she stopped and said something like "I love playing New York and New Yorkers are intense...but I'm f*cking Exhausted!!" Her father and stepmother were also there; the
  19. from DM FULL REPORT from July 2 NYC show.... BY JPASC24 New York City was ON tonight as Madonna hit the stage at 8:50 PM. The audience was WAY louder and WAY crazier than the first 2 NY shows and Madonna was loving. Celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Lenny Kravitz (AGAIN!), Lucy Lui, David Blaine & NY mayor Bloomberg were in the audience as Madonna rocked the house. What would be a Madonna show without a little drama? During GET TOGETHER, while M was on the catwalk someone in the audience was throwing confetti and glitter all over the catwalk, OBVIOUSLY a dangerous thin
  20. I emailed them the lastest figures. I didn't get a response, like I was going to! They don't like being confronted with the truth, the bitches can't handle it. I don't suppose we will be seeing them front row on the first Wembley nite will we?
  21. Can someone please e mail those 3am bitches the latest figures to shut them up?
  22. more from Icon, fv68 This was an experience of a lifetime for me. Yes, we had to wait till 9:10 pm for the show to begin. They were having some technical difficulties with the screens I believe. The guy announced it, but I wasn't so sure what he said. I know he did say that Madonna apologizes for this problem. But anyway, It was worth the wait....... Madonna was so strong and full of energy on stage. God Bless her. Don't know how she does it. There was sooo much love at the Garden. Everyone had such a great time, and I'm sure Madonna did too. My friends and I were so drenched with s
  23. from JWB123 at Icon just got back from the Garden, what a great fucking show...I think it's by far the best one since the Girlie Show and Blond Ambition. Her '***CENSORED*** you' sass is back, the poltiical stuff actually feels rock and roll, rather than heavy handed, the set list is great, the dancing is not cheesy, and she looks perfect. About nine times better than she's been photographing, actually...My friend and I sat in section 3 Row N, seats 7-8, right on the catwalk. We got the tickets at about 4 o clock or so on ticketmaster, then sold off my section 4 row M seats through craigslis
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