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  1. ^Sorry to hear about that. Part of her lives on in "Sandy," though, no doubt. And, no problem and thanks. Grease turns 40 this year, so no doubt you'll have plenty of opportunities to catch it, either on TV or video.
  2. "Grease" is the word tonight in the USA at 8 and 10:30 p.m. EST on VH1. And if you don't live in the USA, pop in the DVD/Blu-Ray and head back to the '50s with Sandy and Danny for this classic musical. Plus- read how Olivia pulled 'a Sandy" after "Grease," via the article posted a little higher up.
  3. Thanks, Jazzy. She is a treasure.
  4. Olivia wrapped up her 2017 shows this past weekend. With the year nearing its close, it's a good time to reflect on interviewing/meeting her, and seeing her live for the first time in my near-lifetime of fandom. It was "Magic"al. Here is the article trilogy I had posted after the experiences, for any fans who may, have missed it, or who simply would like to revisit, as well. The first is a lengthy piece on her impact/influence; the second is a sidebar on her transformation after "Grease," the movie and other soundtrack success; and the third is the concert review. Enjoy. Olivia Newton-John to 'Liv On,' showcase iconic career in Easton Newton-John pulled 'a Sandy' after 'Grease,' reigned as soundtracks queen With 'Grace and Gratitude,' Olivia Newton-John wows Easton
  5. Collaborations that never happened

    Very true about the vocal collabos, Suedey. Though "Guilty By Association" is nice.
  6. M shades Cherish

    "Cherish" is no more or less "corny" than "True Blue." And they're both great pop- but not as great as the ultimate classics. Which means she probably will perform it on the next tour- whether it's on ukulele remains to be seen. "Holy Water" worked well on tour, but I always skip it when listening to RH. Hardly one of that album's best tracks.
  7. Special editions for ROL and LAP are musts- it's your chance, M people (not the group from the '90s)- don't drop dem balls.
  8. Collaborations that never happened

    The MJ collabo would have been historic- too bad MJ got cold feet about pushing the envelope with M. Though "In the Closet" isn't one of my favorite tracks of his- with M on board, it may have turned out a bit stronger.
  9. Such a release would be fine- anything that brings notice to the splendor that is Like a Prayer.
  10. I imagine it will be a total fluff appearance, but some mention of new music would be nice. Oh, there are pics- I thought it was to be live. And what were the other appearances? The first was 1991, and then American Life era. I can't recall all of the three after that, off-hand.
  11. Janet Jackson thread

    My review/commentary for the State of the World Tour is done, and posted online. It was another labor of love, so hope the "Rhythm Nation" enjoys it. : For those who are not part of the aforementioned and you happen to check it out, all I ask is that you respect my work. Feel free to comment and discuss in this forum. Thanks. http://www.poconorecord.com/entertainmentlife/20171118/janet-jackson-schools-fans-on-state-of-world-more
  12. Thanks- looks as glorious as she did at the 1995 AMAS. Very classic Madonna.
  13. Janet Jackson thread

    Just got back from Bethlehem, seeing my very first live Damita concert in my nearly 30 years of fandom. She promised, she'd be worth the wait- and she was right. An evening full of pure bliss and joy. AllI I can say for the moment. Well, that, and I. Love. This. Woman. Thank you and good night, Ms. Jackson.
  14. http://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2017/11/rock_roll_hall_of_fame_a_defin.html This is out of 209 performer inductees; not bad. 18. Madonna You could make the case Madonna is the most influential female artist of all time. Her creativity and ambition reinvented pop music for future performers of both genders. Madonna was also one of the key figures (along with Michael Jackson) in the MTV generation that would make visual storytelling nearly as important as the music it celebrated.
  15. It was a fine performance. (spotlight, where is that gif from?)
  16. Well, I think it's the Cleveland Plain Dealer, which is a major publication for the city. Madonna's pop culture influence/impact certainly is unrivaled among females and, artists, period. But, some other' music and musical influence have higher regard than M's (who also has high regard, musically). Just something to remember.
  17. Janet Jackson thread

    Not sure I get the animosity toward Damita Jo by some Madonna fans, but to each his own. I mean, Madonna is Madonna, and no one can touch what she's done- but Janet has done some great things, as well, and has had some strong music throughout her career. if it's related to comments she made back in the day, that was a long time ago- why not leave it in the past? Or does it have to do with mega-Janet fans with an attitude? There are ridiculous hardcore fans of all artists, as we know. Either way, it's hardly worth the trouble. I will enjoy seeing DJ near my neck of the woods this Saturday.
  18. Great article- and probably true about the Beyonce comparison (though Beyonce isn't as young as some of today's hottest pop tarts). Erotica isn't my favorite M album, but I can't imagine her career without it.
  19. Janet Jackson thread

    Well, continuing this year's tradition of seeing some of my favorite females for the first time, I will be seeing Damita Jo in Bethlehem, Pa., on Nov. 11. Ticketmaster released a couple of regular seats today (not verified resale) and my other half and I got seventh row. Our seats are a handful of seats apart, but that's "Aright" with me.
  20. How a single performed when it was first out and how it's fared in the years after, via airplay, are two different things. WTG doesn't get near the same level of recurrent play as TIC classics (and some that didn't appear on the album- like 'Dress You Up").
  21. Belinda Carlisle

    There was a Belinda thread some time back, but I haven't seen one lately. She's performing in the Poconos this weekend (last week, it was Ronnie Spector). I went with a mostly Q&A style this time- I wanted to ask her about the infamous Truth or Dare scene, but resisted. She was pretty nice over the phone. http://www.poconorecord.com/article/20160414/ENTERTAINMENTLIFE/160419761/101142
  22. Olivia has been back to performing, and this month, she has numerous "Liv On" dates with Amy Sky and Beth Nielsen Chapman. My Olivia article trilogy, by the way, now appears on her official site, so that's pretty darn sweet. :
  23. It was a pretty tremendous and exciting time to be a fan- no matter that the material didn't perform as well as what came before it. Her legacy was pretty sealed up to that point, but this all helped put her at another level from the others. Such a CULTURALLY ENRICHING era. Madonna and The Rest.
  24. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    OK, so we went through the scene setups/modes and the Tears excerpt didn't have all those little dots/pixels amidst the graininess in a couple of them, So all is not lost. One of the modes even added a sepia quality to the picture. Still don't get why the concert would look fine but the Tears feature would have all those little outs/pixels, in any mode.
  25. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    So, others with the Blu-ray also have a grainy Tears. Why in the world would the Blu-ray bonus feature be grainy and not the main show? I take it that the posted Tears excerpt was taken from the DVD?