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  1. How about, it's a song that's not as relatable- and enjoyable- to the average Joe, compared to what are regarded as the classics.
  2. Not sure if I'll get either of these- I have both on vinyl (YCD, from the early 90s, and a used copy of the first album from the 2000s or so). The red vinyl may be nice to have, though. Has anyone had experience with some colored vinyl skipping? It's been hit and miss with a handful of colored vinyls we have. (I haven't opened TIC, so hopefully that one doesn't).
  3. "This Used to Be My Playground,", and then "I'll Remember," for sure. Though I'd also love to see her do "Dear Jessie," perhaps as part of a medley with "Little Star."
  4. I compiled my top 50 a year and a -half or so ago, and this was the top 10, so I'll go with this: 1. Like a Prayer 2. Live to Tell 3. Ray of Light 4. Till Death do Us Part 5. Holiday 6. Vogue 7. Borderline 8. Into the Groove 9. Crazy For You 10. Open Your Heart The next lot of 10 was a bit less TIC-era-oriented. 11. Papa Don't Preach12. Express Yourself13. Material Girl14. Drowned World/Substitute For Love15. Oh Father16. Sky Fits Heaven17. Take a Bow18. Beautiful Stranger19. Ghosttown20. Like a Virgin
  5. OMG I just realized....

    I never had TIC on vinyl prior, and I liked the perty colors on the reissue, so I got that one. peter- the closest thing to a "Rescue Me" video we have is the commercial she did with the elephant.
  6. I'm up for them making some music together. As for "American Life" the track, it wasn't bad (my favorite bit is the chorus, if you an call it that), but it was not a universal song. It was a song that celebrities could relate to, but not the average Joe, on the whole. (one or two lines does not make a universal song).
  7. You'd think they'd do more releases tied to the studio albums for these occasions. TIC was the best release of the lot- said without bias, of course.
  8. It said "new" in the cable description, but probably not so.
  9. OMG I just realized....

    Yes, acko, not owning TIC is pure blasphemy. At least get the new vinyl that was released, gosh dangit.
  10. We posted this when it was out. Janet also said nice things about her ("She's cool," for one) in 2012, right before M was to perform at the Super Bowl. I still firmly believe that some major M fans are unnecessarily "Nasty (pun intended) about Janet and her fans, but to each his own. It's not like Madge has always been angelic in what she's said about people, now has she?
  11. Collaborations that never happened

    Very true about the vocal collabos, Suedey. Though "Guilty By Association" is nice.
  12. M shades Cherish

    "Cherish" is no more or less "corny" than "True Blue." And they're both great pop- but not as great as the ultimate classics. Which means she probably will perform it on the next tour- whether it's on ukulele remains to be seen. "Holy Water" worked well on tour, but I always skip it when listening to RH. Hardly one of that album's best tracks.
  13. Special editions for ROL and LAP are musts- it's your chance, M people (not the group from the '90s)- don't drop dem balls.
  14. Collaborations that never happened

    The MJ collabo would have been historic- too bad MJ got cold feet about pushing the envelope with M. Though "In the Closet" isn't one of my favorite tracks of his- with M on board, it may have turned out a bit stronger.
  15. Such a release would be fine- anything that brings notice to the splendor that is Like a Prayer.
  16. I imagine it will be a total fluff appearance, but some mention of new music would be nice. Oh, there are pics- I thought it was to be live. And what were the other appearances? The first was 1991, and then American Life era. I can't recall all of the three after that, off-hand.
  17. Thanks- looks as glorious as she did at the 1995 AMAS. Very classic Madonna.
  18. http://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2017/11/rock_roll_hall_of_fame_a_defin.html This is out of 209 performer inductees; not bad. 18. Madonna You could make the case Madonna is the most influential female artist of all time. Her creativity and ambition reinvented pop music for future performers of both genders. Madonna was also one of the key figures (along with Michael Jackson) in the MTV generation that would make visual storytelling nearly as important as the music it celebrated.
  19. It was a fine performance. (spotlight, where is that gif from?)
  20. Well, I think it's the Cleveland Plain Dealer, which is a major publication for the city. Madonna's pop culture influence/impact certainly is unrivaled among females and, artists, period. But, some other' music and musical influence have higher regard than M's (who also has high regard, musically). Just something to remember.
  21. Great article- and probably true about the Beyonce comparison (though Beyonce isn't as young as some of today's hottest pop tarts). Erotica isn't my favorite M album, but I can't imagine her career without it.
  22. How a single performed when it was first out and how it's fared in the years after, via airplay, are two different things. WTG doesn't get near the same level of recurrent play as TIC classics (and some that didn't appear on the album- like 'Dress You Up").
  23. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    OK, so we went through the scene setups/modes and the Tears excerpt didn't have all those little dots/pixels amidst the graininess in a couple of them, So all is not lost. One of the modes even added a sepia quality to the picture. Still don't get why the concert would look fine but the Tears feature would have all those little outs/pixels, in any mode.
  24. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    So, others with the Blu-ray also have a grainy Tears. Why in the world would the Blu-ray bonus feature be grainy and not the main show? I take it that the posted Tears excerpt was taken from the DVD?
  25. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    ^Indeed. And for the strings and sounds of the track to be on the home video release, and just her vocals missing- it's pretty bizarre (for those, and reasons previously noted). OK- I just checked the full "Tears" excerpt that was posted online, and it doesn't look grainy like mine does. Does anyone else's copy look very grainy vs. this?