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  1. Me no likey. Not that I do anything wrong and its bound to happen to all of us eventually but we should stop it in its tracks. What happened to feeling free? I don't even like to wear a watch or take out a mobile phone.
  2. Hi Brendan. Don't know if we have spoke before but hi anyway. Its hard to come out with something like that isn't it? You know youll be jumped on. Yes I knew his son and stayed in his apartment in San Francisco. I don't join in politics on here so no adding more but applaud you for saying what you feel. Rightly or wrongly, each to their own. :)
  3. Didnt that happen to another want an affair or something site last year?
  4. One of my fave nurses was a scot (god some were evil) she was lovely, best i had, anyway she said she didnt have any student loans! Now thats the way to do it. Yes she was fucking off to do nursing for more money in Australia. Who can blame her? Us thicko's down here are importing from other countries as theres no staff. People are worried to train in the field because they wont be able to pay off the student loans and non stable work placements. We need change if it flops or not, I trust Branson to do it and to treat the staff well he does in the travel industry.
  5. Everyone knew it was being sold off that's old news! but Bath/Somerset is news to me. Im interested to know what advanced info those people lucky or not were given. Also of course it will be free but they hinted that there were considering a mix between the private sector and the NHS. Ive been sent to a private clinic a couple of times since im no longer able to get Bupa. Id be happy to put money towards it. The difference is quite extreme. Some are in limbo not being able to have the luxury of choice. (Unless I pay fully private, no insurance of course but my budget doesnt stretch to that, only when needs be).
  6. Does it say they have to pay? I'm a little behind on this story ill have to look into it. Id say the only way is up really. Ill go digging and ask my labour mate. Very interesting, I guess Bath and Somerset are quite affluent so its a good place to start. Lemme see... It can only be a good thing. wheres @Paul Wade ?
  7. Guy got that house in the divorce and she adored it!
  8. I know, he shunted his bloody working class staff, making them work for free. Jan, my jaws on the floor.
  9. You dont want to know. Hes even got Florida. Hide under your bed.
  10. This is worse than a saw movie. He's a business man without a business plan and winning!
  11. chandeliers?? Oh god ive got bulbs.
  12. Hes a reason why guys shouldnt go into dark rooms.
  13. Shit!!! Sending my love. Vande's in Rome. Lets hope theres no damage to our Italian babes.
  14. I'm so sorry Uzi! What a horrible time youve been through. God the insurance sounds like a mess, its sounds like our holiday insurance when you dont know whether to buy bronze silver or gold. The people that cant afford anything but bronze if they fall ill they are fucked. OT Adeles still on tour??? Jesus!
  15. Its been on our news all day and heart wrenching. You know I dont even think we have seat belts on our versions, not unless its changed in the last couple of years. They always seem so harmless, Such a shame.
  16. Polish people are (from my knowledge) amazing. Ive been out with a Hungarian and a Polish guy, (well maybe the polish guy was a bit psycho, my fault, I was warned) I dont see borders, nobody should.
  17. Get real? So you think English people go around looking for Spanish people to beat up? Maybe where you live. And anyway can I politely ask you to put me on ignore please? I will you too, its just easier. Im not going to but im sure if people look on your past posts you spread nothing but negativity and opposing views in such ways you come across as a really bitter bitch. Thanks for your feedback.
  18. Wow thats terrible!! Im shocked. The UK LOVE Spanish people!!!!!!! Thats crazy! We all go on holiday there, learn (a bit, badly) of the language we adore them. So strange. Im flabbergasted, they will be locked away for years.
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