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  1. 3 hours ago, XXL said:


    I totally agree on what you are saying

    But America has a more generalised cultural issue that's fucked up not just the number one country in the world but the world itself by default. This is totally unacceptable

    Those hypocritical (Evangelical/Pentecostal/ insert whichever Christian denominations you can come up with) nutters were still very much present and active with their endorsement of wars, of the NRA and their utterly fascist and hypocritical abortion campaigns even during Carter, Clinton and Obama's times.

    Nobody has ever dared to stop them or diminish their influence and meddling because its the entire basement of the power castle to have been eroded by corruption and the serving of private interests.

    Just look at how US presidential campaigns work in terms of funding. And entirely corrupt system which is the exact opposite of the ideals of freedom of speech, democracy and the myth of the land of opportunities. Completely wrong. 

    You can have a Democrat in the WH but here there's a much bigger issue at stake. If nobody does anything to stop those people cultish ignorance, as it's been proven times and again, any American President of any political colours and their policies are inevitably going to be held hostage of the usual indecent lobbies

    Trump is the problem now of course but America as a whole is trapped in a sense of arrogance and exceptionalism in general which is beyond unjustified, deplorable and that will ultimately lead the healthy and sane part of 330m people to the brink of collapse, culturally, economically and finally on the political front and its international standing

    For sure, although I think there is some value in holding the party responsible, well responsible.  The democrats are not without blame or their fair share of mistakes but It was the GOP that made it possible for big corrupt money to run rampant in politics and it was the GOP that paved the way for unbalanced entertainment news like Fox news, it was the GOP that repealed the fairness doctrine (and one should never underestimate the influence of right wing radio on the ageing population) and in a way it's a little ironic that the far left youth of today spend significant time chastising Democrats for taking big money when in reality they're just playing by the rules of the game that were set when they weren't in power and It was either play the game or lose. Not everyone in politics can be an AOC, when you're up against an opponent with a hundred million dollar war chest & you have 100,000 dollars - you're going to lose. So, they played the game.

    Democrats for their part are unorganized and are unwilling to be perceived as being unfair, when they're in power they don't match the GOP's dirty tricks and instead try to bring back normalcy which is admirable but the GOP never mirrors it when they take back control. They also struggle to galvanise supporters & if anybody here knows a right wing republican (especially a boomer) you'll know that on voting day they're up at 5am getting ready to get to the polls as soon as they open. Prior to Trump (because there are Anti-Trump republicans) the GOP had (and in some ways still does) a unified party. Alt right, Far right and centre right all align come voting time. Cntrl left (lol) far left and centre left are all plagued by infighting. 

    This is the web the GOP has woven - They deserve some accountability for that. 

  2. 14 hours ago, XXL said:

    I can't at him parading around while holding a Bible. What does it even mean. It's 2020 for fuck sake

    You'd think that a book about somebody who was unjustly nailed to a cross was not going to be used to justify violence by people who should represent an entire country and that wield so much power

    He really does give a powerful voice to the worst of the US, religious nut jobs, NRA supporters, white supremacists, xenophobic people so on and so forth

    If after the handling of the 👑 virus and this latest racial attack and the fury and uproar it's causing worldwide he still gets voted in then I might even have lost all faith in not only US citizenry but humanity at large

    Look I totally agree with you but there's an entire voting bloc that eat that up. 

    I mean, this fact is kind of ignored - We have had a black POTUS, we are open to having a woman POTUS (and by no way am I saying sexism doesn't exist) but every candidate for POTUS that has a chance of winning is expected to be a church going Christian. Trump isn't of course but he pretends to be and the reason he pretends to be is because it's required for a POTUS which to me is kind of insane right? A candidate for POTUS saying they don't believe in god is disqualifying - which is insane.   

  3. Biden spent the entire campaign saying how inexperienced Pete was & that being a mayor was noting like running the country - he can't pick Pete after that. 

    My money was on Amy but the her prosecutorial History came out because of George Floyd so it cannot be her. I think it's going to be Kamala. It'll most certainly be a woman and probably a WOC.   

    EDIT: I also heard the way Amy treats staff came up when she was vetted. 

  4. 19 minutes ago, Butter9 said:

    I wonder how he ,his wife and his children will live after his presidency has ended.

    His run has been nothing but an overlonged reality horror show .

    What legacy will he be leaving behind except hatred , death , racism and cowardice .


    If he's not elected again in November, he's up for indictment in relation to the Michael Cohen case, remember that? He violated campaign finance law but the office he currently holds protects him from indictment. He needs to win again so the statute of limitations kicks in. If he loses his only hope is a pardon which Biden says he won't give but we'll see. 

    The rest of his family should live in shame. 

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