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  1. If it is really the case, then great! But do you have a source for that please? But the Casey recording gives another impression since most of it is the speech of the part first the "chorus" was not there.
  2. I think Medellin represented much better the album than God Control would have. Plus she didn't really write God Control. I was actually disappointed when I realized that the first and politically most offensive part of the song had been written by Casey Spooner. The line "a new democracy, god and pornography" is very funny though and 100% Madonna. The production and the song structure are really great but they come obviously more from Mirwais than from her. Actually I feel much more the "real Madonna" (the fragile one of ROL or AL ballads, the erotic and humerous one of Erotica etc) in Medellin than in God Control which is a very good song but as a first single it would become a failed attempt to do another "Hung Up" ("I'm giving to my fan base the pop-disco hit they expect me to deliver"). I am glad she did not repeat herself and tried something really new with Medellin.
  3. Not very surprising from a woman whose novels exalted the basic institutions of this society : school and family
  4. Just GORGEOUS 1) Killers who are partying 2) Extreme Occident (I regret she didn't put more fado inspired electronic ballads like that, they're so beautiful and unique) 3) Medellín (one of her best lead singles ever) 4) God Control 5) Batuka 6) Crazy 7) Crave 8 ) Come alive I don't skip any of these but to me they don't reach the same level of originality and musical subtlety/emotion : 9) I don't search I find (this song sounds to me like a draft, a very good demo for another song that could have been so great) 10) Bitch I'm loca/Soltera (for sure not the best musically but I love slutty Madonna) 11) Future 12) Dark Ballet (my biggest disappointment compared to the way the song was described before its release but still an interesting track) 13) Funana 14) I rise (too repetitive for me) 15) Faz Gostoso (it's just a cover and a smart commercial move) 16) Ciao bella 17) Looking for mercy (the chorus is soooooo repetitive and the production is cheap compared to some gems on this album. Should have been on RH) 18) Back that up to to beat (if she wanted to bring back something from HC I guess a revisited version of Beat goes on or Give it 2 me for example would have been more intresting)
  5. As a French person I would just like to add something about the attitude and politics of Macron who is generally seen abroad as a nice progressive liberal man. France owns a part of Guyana where the Amazon forest keeps on being destroyed as it happens in other states. Macron's government has kept on giving more forest parts to industrial, so basically he is not doing something very different from Bolsonaro from an ecological point of view. So I agree with all of you that Bolsonaro is an asshole and a disaster both for Brazil and for the planet, but some Western heads of state who pretend to be better should start with criticizing themselves before teach lessons to other.
  6. You mean the fado inspired songs that were at the origin of the album?
  7. 1° Killers who are partying 2° Medellin 3° Extreme occident 4° God control 5° Batuka (among her best ever for me) 6° Future 7° I don't search I find 8° Soltera [not on the album but clearly part of the process] 9° Crave 10° Come alive 11° Bitch I'm loca 12° Crazy 13° Dark Ballet (nice pop songs with research) 14° Looking for mercy 15° I rise 16° Funana 17° Ciao bella 18° Back that up to the beat 19° Faz Gostoso (could have been more interesting)
  8. 1° Killers who are partying 2° Medellin 3° Extreme Occident 4° God Control 5° Batuka
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