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  1. I've got a headache trying to read the chat - what a rubbish way to do it!
  2. For me it was the bit that was the most ON! Haha. Each to their own! We'll see shortly whether it made it through anyway!
  3. It totally resonated for me and clearly some others too! But we all see what our eyes want to see, I guess...
  4. I saw the video when it was uploaded by accident and my favourite bit was so subtle - I hope it stayed in the edit. When Swae says (the first time) "It's on the line girl you're risking everything" - M does this knowing vulnerable look as if to say "No shit, Sherlock". It's very sweet but it's blink and you miss it. I hope it's still in there!
  5. This is how I'm maaaaade is my favourite bit too! That voice
  6. What a thoroughly lovely young man! He talks about her with such respect.
  7. It's SO political when it comes to how they vote. It's painfully obvious. I was hoping she would pull out but it looks like that is not happening so I'll deal with. I'm glad she has made the statement and it sounds to me like she is planning to take a stand. I just hope it's on point, because to a lot of people this just plays into the idea that she is a cold calculating businesswoman who puts promotion and money-making before all else. I like to think that is not the case.
  8. It's not a political show if you avoid how the voting works!
  9. I get that for sure. She is saying she is using her platform to address these issues and of course that's a noble thing, but it has stuck in my throat a little if I'm honest. It's just how I feel about it. I'm conflicted. I don't think boycotting it or calling her an apartheid apologist is helpful in the slightest and nothing is ever that simple. But I can see why she is being targeted for this criticism over the actual contestants on the show.
  10. To be fair, as far we know the other 40 participants haven't built a career on calling themselves humanitarians and freedom fighters who always stand up for the under-dog. It is a bit icky to say the least.
  11. I quite enjoyed how it just ended and they walked off, haha. Very funny.
  12. You mean better than the Vogue flash-mob today? Hard to top
  13. She has never said personally she is doing this has she? Neither has her team? Maybe it's actually been BS from the get go. I'd prefer she didn't do it personally. I guess we'll find out soon enough!
  14. Oh it's a Vogue flash mob outside the Palladium haha
  15. Why is there a Madame X London thread that I'm not allowed to view? And I wouldn't worry about going off topic when there's nowhere else to discuss it!
  16. Just read the Vogue interview and the way the interviewer describes the sound and themes of the album is completely different to the 3 tracks we've heard so far. I think we're in for some surprises when we hear Madame X in full!
  17. I just get the impression she's moved on from heavy choreography and anything too influenced by Egyptian culture would probably be attacked for cultural appropriation!
  18. There was a time I'd have said that Madame X in the Sphinx remix could form the basis of a cool Egyptian-tinged section of the next tour! I think those days are over now but it's a nice fantasy!
  19. So happy to see such love for Crave here. It's a brilliant song.
  20. Love it. Gets better with every listen. Nice chilled RnB, and Swae Lee's vocals are gorgeous.
  21. Swae Lee singing on 'Unforgettable' is one of my favourite releases of the last few years so I am very excited about this!
  22. She is on such top form - when she's happy and buzzing and pushing an era she comes across so well. I love the excitement she caused simply by quoting Rescue Me - I was genuinely surprised she remembered them! Very cute. Would love to see that song show up on tour but it's highly doubtful. I hope there are plenty more interviews lined up whilst she's in this frame of mind!
  23. Accordion Madonna is an absolute hoot, I love her. Very cute. Fabulous performance full of joy, she looks like she is having a ball and so does Maluma. Hear that audience response too? There is literally no bad in this. Her best awards performance in so so long.
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