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  1. Metacritic has yet to add the 80 for Mojo.
  2. Best of the 3 extra tracks, but I wouldn't have any of them replace the first 15 songs.
  3. I think she chose the best 15 tracks for the album. The deluxe tracks are nice, but not required for the full experience.
  4. Not when they are still yet to include Rolling Stone's 60. But fingers crossed for more good reviews from other publications.
  5. I'm most excited for: 01 - God Control 02 - I Don't Search I Find 03 - Batuka 04 - Crazy 05 - Bitch I'm Loca Most curious about Killers Who Are Partying & Looking For Mercy.
  6. I’ve always treated the deluxe editions (16 track MDNA, 19 track Rebel Heart) like the intended tracklist for each album. I’ll do the same with the 15 track Madame X. Anything longer, like Madame X’s 18 track version & the 25 track Rebel Heart will just be viewed as... extras.
  7. Already sold out in less than 12 hrs!
  8. Yes. Only 1000 copies available. I like it better than the clear.
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