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  1. I have to say that I'm still pressed about the fact Crave isn't being played anywhere tbh. I've never heard it on French radios. When they play Madonna, it's always her 80s hits. Like guys... for real? Crave is amazing and deserves to be a hit in my opinion. This song is pure pop perfection. If it were Ariana Grande who sang it, it would have been a massive hit... just saying.
  2. I haven't read any review from French medias yet. For the past few years, the French press has been quite negative with Madonna... Hope they will put aside all the ageist comments and her personal life, and just focus on the only important thing: the music.
  3. Dark Ballet is visually and musically pure genius. Period.
  4. I wasn't thrilled with Medellin. I Rise is ok but sounds like a leftover from Rebel Heart in my opinion. But when I first listened to Crave, I was hooked! Love the melancholy and the melody. This track keeps me having hope for some amazing songs on Madame X.
  5. When I first listened to Medellin, I was meh... I listened to it a couple of times before the video release. After watching the video, I can't stop listening to it. I just hope the whole album won't be full of Latin influences like Medellin. I'm expecting something totally different and captivating.
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