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  1. For me it's the part at the end when it's echoing as she says "Madam X...X...X" gives me chills I love this dark vibe. Reminds me of a Sherlock homes or even Vera Atkins a female WW spy I had to do an assignment when I was in school I have an account on GagaDaily as well and they are discussing this Madam X topic like crazy too!
  2. I love it even the way she says it in the video!
  3. I just saw the news on Gagadaily that's awesome Did u guys see the instagram trailer? I like the dark concept. It has a kind of like a female Sherlock homes and James Bond feel Reminds me of the spy "Vera Atkins" I don't know if anyone here knows her history but when I saw Madonna's Instagram post that's what it reminded me of. I had to do a school project on her when I was in highschool
  4. I have accounts on other pop music forums as well actually including Britney Spears and Lady Gaga I got dragged to hell after mentioning Gaga on this site tho (even got a nasty personal message) so I'm kinda trying to avoid it since it seems to be a trigger for so many and I don't feel like fighting But I don't see Instagram as a burden per say but I just think people overpost unimportant things that fill up your page and you end up having to look thru way too much material for the ppl u actually wanna see stuff of so I keep my following small That being sai
  5. That's why I don't follow too many ppl on Instagram (even celebrities). They bombard u with meaningless crap Back on topic, I hope we get songs sounding like Addicted from MDNA. That was my fav madonna song in a while
  6. Probably dance? It's more in. Something like Frozen would be amazing tho
  7. I'm still under restriction I can't read that forum And u gotta chill. Sheesh of all the fan sites I've made an account on none have been as aggressive as this one RELAX! If u all are so insecure with the mention of new pop girls I'll refrain from using their names
  8. Im a monster yes as well as a katycat and Britney and Madonna fan as well Nice to know in this site your only allowed to like one artist -_- Like what's ur issue? If y'all are so upset by the mention of other pop artists maybe I smell some insecurity? I have accounts on other fan sites of other artists I like as well. So far this is where ppl seem the most aggressive
  9. Awesome! Hope is true Also release new material when Gaga is expected to why doesn't she. Start the pinning of the two on the media all over again
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