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  1. She has the potential for a a fucking smash in both North and South America. Factor in the Latino Influence in North America: USA has strong markets for her to capitalize on (Los Angeles, NYC Miami), Mexico is a huge market for her, she always caters to Mexico City, but add in Guadalajara and Monterrey, sell outs. and then add in South America=sell outs. Come to Latin America, M, We'll show you love and adulation that the Europeans and yankees cannot. (Just watch any clips from her Latin America shows vs her European and United States shows and you'll see.) The Queen is ours
  2. Cook and fuck?!?! Is that the fuego she's cooking with Maluma?
  3. Big Momma is coming in several flavours: Disco-political, folky-Portuguese, Latin mami, HipHop video Hoe. Say what flavor you like....
  4. Same here. It only makes her discography even more colorful than it already is. Some people are really pressed.
  5. Hopefully Mirwais oversees the whole album resulting in some very mirwais-y latino-y weird, spankin fresh sounds!
  6. Her vocals are fine. 22:47 I think a lot of people missed this..not sure why?
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