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  1. I don't even why they bothered reacting, the guy on the right was huffing and puffing and rolling his eyes before the segment even started as the co-host mentioned Madonna, like if you ain't into her then don't bother?
  2. she's the same woman that wrote Mer Girl, which is haunting and beautifully morbid, I wouldn't put it past her. also it can have more than one meaning, M isn't so one-dimensional.
  3. agree, which is why it might seem confusing, but in context I think it makes sense, they'll probably finish the hour with the full announcement of what's happening on the 24th
  4. it's not fake, it's just Madonna is releasing a new single so MTV Classics probably decided to fill the hour in honor of Madonna since she's partnering with them next week.
  5. I actually think stretching out the release of the single/video is also good, that way it extends the conversation over the single, if everything was dropped today it could've been very likely that after the initial articles and reactions the media wouldn't have touched the topic of Medellin or Madame X until the next single or announcement, this way it gives the single a longer 'shelf-life' in the press and extends the possibility of Madonna being discussed for longer.
  6. I'm good with the video being released next week, it gives the single more shelf life imo, with all the releases that have been announced in this time-span it get people more excited and will help Madonna and the single stay in the discussions longer with more press and media attention rather than it all being dropped today and then having to wait for the next release.
  7. I think just wait for it to drop at the time they announced, and it'll show up on her account on Spotify/Apple Music/iTunes and then get to buying/streaming.
  8. amen, I've had the Beats1 radio streaming since this morning, so when the times comes I'm all ready, god I'm so pumped, I've missed M so much.
  9. so, does it justify just calling another woman a c**t for releasing something that was announced weeks ago? like chill. two different things that will impact two different charts.
  10. yup still a lot we don't know, like what the deal with MTV, what's happening on the 24th, and even everything related to the covers and releases has been rumors and speculation, for today it's just the single and maybe more will be revealed during the Beats1 interview today...I'm so pumped.
  11. ya'll really gotta start calling Beyonce a c**t? Madonna is releasing a single and she released a live film/album, they won't affect each other just focus on Medellin...relax.
  12. oh no do use Spotify to stream the single please, buying and playing it on iTunes won't do anything to help it chart wise or make it popular on the streaming platform and hopefully have it get added to popular playlists. If we want this single to be successful we should buy the single but instead of listening to that file offline we gotta stream it.
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