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  1. No news about the broadcast? I hope her performance will be broadcast live
  2. where to complain, where to write? let's get justice!
  3. Relax) The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on
  4. Oh my God. Oh my God. I accidentally took a pen at the post office yesterday and did not return it. Should I wait for the cops ?! God ... right now a helicopter is circling near my house. I turned on CNN and show my home there! WHAT SHOULD I DO?
  5. Those people who already bought the album did not break the law. They bought it legally. They are absolutely not guilty that he was in the shops ahead of time. But at the same time they have no right to upload it to the Internet.
  6. Oh god no. English is not my native language. And I did not mean what you say. Sorry for not saying so. And I meant that maybe after a live performance I will change my opinion about the song. That's what I meant.
  7. I have no right to my opinion? I expressed my opinion, did not insult anyone, did not say anything bad. I said that it was unpleasant for me to listen to a song, because there is a lot of autotune in it. If you forbid someone to express your opinion - you are definitely not a fan of Madonna.
  8. I did not think that I would say this ... but it’s really unpleasant for me to listen to this song. She sounds annoying. I hope with live performance everything will be wrong
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