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  1. nope I'm from Greece but I have Apple Music and I changed my Apple ID to New Zealand
  2. Yes as you can see a little bit higher..
  3. When I first heard the crave I was like , I HATE IT now it’s my favorite song from the album ... but with future ... I liked it on my first listen .... let’s see
  4. It’s like UB but not .... it’s like bob marley but 2019 style ... her vocals have an effect ... not autotune... but effects (it’s good)
  5. It’s somthing different I LOVE IT JUST AMAZING omg 1. Carve 2. Future 3. Medellín 4. I rise
  6. Clearly European hit (Eurovision impact)
  7. I’m sure this is the stadium that Eurovision taking place
  8. When you’ll hear it, tell us !!!
  9. In her last post I can see clearly the arena !!! She is IN
  10. UB it’s my favorite rebel heart song !! I’m so excited
  11. Who hates it’s ? I just told that her voice is autotuned I didn’t tell I don’t like that kind of voice... I love Medellín which is autotuned ....
  12. At first I thought it was Unapologetic Bitch
  13. Nope it’s a different song as you can hear it’s SO JAMAICAN
  14. Insta @madonnastattoos GO AND CHECK THE FUTURE
  15. Oh shit !!! Is the song with the globe theater video ?
  16. Wiwiblogs is the biggest Eurovision blog
  17. Omg ! Future LAP dark ballet and hallelujah?!?!?! 15 mins performance CONFIRMED?!?!?
  18. The poem will be composed ****
  19. Madonna will do 2-3 songs(We’ll know soon) AND A POEM for Palestine!!!!
  20. Let’s start from this ... the results are 50% from televoting and 50% from juries The day before the final and semi finals all the countries do something like dress rehearsal but in this rehearsal the juries vote... it’s like the official show but a day before...
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