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  1. Oh I thought I was the only one! I was about to Ask!
  2. Hi Guys! I have my aswell! Please follow me and like and tag @madonna on my post! @rhubarbr on instagram! Would be my dream for this to happen!
  3. Aaron Henriksen - He is an amazing guy and a friend . He is M's personal Make up Artist - Amazing Guy!
  4. Haha This! Reason why I only bought Rebel Heart 1 copy! Rather save the money for an amazing seat at the tour than spend hundreds collecting every single thing!
  5. Come on:) It's funny! Dark humour - doesn't appeal to everyone but I had a giggle!
  6. Wish she would call my drag character to be in it!!! Im getting so excited!!!!
  7. Guys.... Let's just chill! There's nothing confirmed yet by no one other than rumours! MadonnaOnline is a brazilian site but a very good one
  8. Only following the conversation regarding the oscars party:)
  9. Wondering if she is inviting Gaga or Glen Close to her Oscar's party!?
  10. omg @robster that is brilliant! Gorgeous! Wish I could print and put it in my house!
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