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  1. the contents are racist because the historical era in which the film is set had a racist matrix and the film must be coherent with this. I do not understand this obtuse censorship, it is in the viewer's intelligence to understand that the protagonists of a work set in the past must have a psychology and actions consistent with that historical period, even if today they are considered negative
  2. she has a show in London that night, she won't even be considered
  3. you're right, but in this case it seems so obvious to me that Madonna is on the right side of the story, I mean she's not saying something particularly controversial, it's about civilization, it's like protesting against domestic violence or femicide, everyone should share it
  4. in the united states how was the video received? any TV shows talked about it? it seems strange to me the total silence of her colleagues on social media, I expected that at least Kelly ripa, Andy Cohen, some singer would leave a comment.
  5. sure, but it seems to me a pity because the song is as powerful as the images and in my opinion it has been pushed into the background.
  6. aybe I'm wrong but it could have been better realized, the shooting had to be the coup de theater that destroys the moment of euphoria, for me the reverse doesn't work. even the sound of the keyboard distracts attention from the words of the song, the photograph focuses too much on warm colors. I find the teaser instagram definitely better. sorry, i appreciate the power of the message but for me it's a wasted opportunity
  7. what do you think of the comment about her last 3 albums? surely RH has been spoiled by the leak, but I think she refers to a kind of lack of passion / creativity, isn't it? However in her future she sees only director projects lol
  8. no it doesn't count, the writer is a contributor
  9. does anyone remember which novel inspired Madonna for the eyepatch?
  10. Alternative press i think, but it was just a report with songs scores not a real review. BTW Metacritic added the COS bad review and the score is still 70
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