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  1. To Madmex, before you edited your post. The age of consent should be equal for everyone, as Madonna has repeatedly promoted. In fact she was one of the most prominent advocates for equality and gay visibility, helping immensely, which is why the Thatcher thing is so disappointing.
  2. If Madonna is so sure of herself, why take the post down immediately? Presumably because someone advised her too. The facts are, Thatcher brought in a law called Section 28, which made it a CRIME for a teacher to even SUGGEST that homosexuality was even a viable alternative to heterosexuality and in no shape or form, normal. She also refused to lower the age of consent for gay sex from 21 to 16, making it equal for everyone. I'm actually very happy that young gay people havent had to deal with as much shit but these are the facts.
  3. Why on earth would I make it up, these magazines were on the shelf, you will soon see for yourself. The Mojo review was very small, barely gave it any space. The other two were longer but I only really looked at the end score, saw they weren't great and decided not to read in full.
  4. I was in the store, saw that Q, Uncut and Mojo were out. I like Madonna, read the reviews and posted here, as this thread is called Rebel Heart reviews. That is all.
  5. cowboy, on 22 Feb 2015 - 06:35 AM, said: Uncut also gave 3 stars and Mojo 6/10 This is most likely not true. When things like this are just randomly stated with no link or source provided, I would be skeptical I read them from the magazines, in a shop.
  6. Yeah, it's just so amusing, being rude without reason. And calling someone an "enslaver", whilst watching a film about real slavery. Very bright Madonna.
  7. Sandra is great but for goodness sake,she has continually trashed Madonna since their bust up, why would Madonna jump at re-kindling their friendship. I've seen many of Sandras shows and she always praises the likes of Stevie Nicks for her life on the road. Her comments about Madonna contradict everything else she says about hard working talented women.
  8. At least madonna has never made a record that sounds like reo speedwagon or van halen. So bored of this miserable cow.
  9. Roxanne shante "have a nice day" with a name, that stands big like madonna, speaking of madonna some girls on the mike, rap like virgins and get real tight.
  10. I so hope this is not true, I was told that she did not want to perform with the finalists and so it fell through. George Michael and Paul Mcartney are supposed to be confirmed so I don't see how plus Beyonce was on last years final. such a tacky, hideous show, please don't do it!
  11. God yes, what an awful fool of myself I have made, how will I ever live it down. Someone I thought to be genuine showed it to me, I showed it to you.
  12. Mighty Comforts comments were very amusing, perhaps you could get some stand up work, you'd be at least as funny as Jim Davidson. tracklist: > CD1 > "> Vogue> "> > "> Express Yourself> "> > "> Into the Groove> "> > "> Papa Don> '> t Preach> "> > "> La Isla Bonita> "> > "> Everybody> "> > "> Lucky Star> "> > "> Holiday> "> > "> Like a Virgin> "> > "> Borderline> "> > "> Material Girl> "> > "> Crazy For You> "> > "> Open Your Heart> "> > "> Cherish> "> > "> Like a Prayer> "> > "> Justify My Love> "> > "> Deeper and Deeper> "> > "> Erotica> "> > "> Rain> "> > CD2 > "> Celebration> "> > "> Music> "> > "> Get Together> "> > "> Frozen> "> > "> Hung Up> "> > "> Ray of Light> "> > "> Beautiful Stranger> "> > "> Don> '> t Tell Me> "> > "> Hollywood> "> > "> Human Nature> "> > "> Secret> "> > "> Take a Bow> "> > "> American Life> "> > "> Die Another Day> "> > "> Sorry> "> > "> 4 Minutes> "> > "> Give It 2 Me> "> > "> Revolver> ">
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