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  1. Hhaha so happy you posted this because the moment I found out M’s album is Madame X this is the FIRST thing I thought of-I loooooove this episode and I am obsessed with i love lucy haha
  2. My favorite as soon as the album dropped was Extreme Occident - and still is. Closely followed by Looking for Mercy and Medellin.
  3. 1. Extreme Occident 2. Medellin 3. God Control 4. Looking For Mercy 5. I Don't Search I Find
  4. I actually didn't change the order of MX yet, but I did make a playlist for myself titled "Madame X's American Life" lol and incorporated my favorite inspiring/calming MX songs with AL songs... just in case anyone is curious: Dark Ballet X-Static Process Looking for Mercy Killers Who Are Partying Nothing Fails Love Profusion Intervention Easy Ride Extreme Occident
  5. This was sooooo much fun to watch, I just watched it too. OMG I can't believe how I felt like it was only 3 minutes - it went by soooo fast. I love the way she described "crazy"
  6. Yep!! And the speech was great. It was natural and genuine, I loved it.
  7. Thank you to whoever mentioned the live streamer from IG!!! I enjoyed the performance and wished i was there...
  8. "And I've got the right...to choose my own life." "Another me could now begin."
  9. I love her voice in the beginning of the song.. sounds like her lips/teeth are clenched, like she’s angry...gives the song good emotion
  10. So while my boyfriend was over and talking about Madame X, he said "do you know who I think is singing the song CRAZY?" I was like "Huh?" He said "I feel like the accordion girl is singing that song." I was like WTF are you talking? He was like "the Madame X character who plays the accordion!" I was like ohhh! So this gave me a fun idea! Which one of the Madame X characters do you all think is singing your favorite song? I'm definitely going to agree and said the accordion Madame X is singing Crazy, and I feel like Madame X with the whip and eye patch is singing Bitch, I'm Loca!
  11. OMG OMG THE ALBUM IS LOADED IN MY ITUNES ALREADY!!!’ And I’m in the USA so i thought I would have to wait another 3 hrs for midnight!!! ******disregard******* i was looking at the wrong thing sorry i got too excited
  12. Extreme Occident is the heart of this album for me. Every album of Madonna's has a "heart" for me and for MX, it's this one. I can't even describe the way it hits home for me... ugh, love love love... all her songs/albums come out at the PERFECT time in my life. Thank you, M.
  13. I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH. When she first started with the "iiiiiii" it reminded me of "iiiiiii feel so bad...." from nobody perfect
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